Axial fan d120mm - internal automatic shutters - ball bearing motor (long life) - basic version
Axial fan d120mm - internal automatic shutters - ball bearing motor (long life) - for installation in bathrooms, toilets and small/medium living areas. Basic version.
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Commercial Features

Commercial data

Code EAN13: 8008379089840
Standard packing: 8,00
Code EAN13 std. pck.: 8008379233571
Weight std. pck.: 5760,00
Minimum packaging: 1,00
Code EAN13 min.pck.: 8008379089840
Length min.pck.: 192,00
Width min.pck.: 130,00
Height min.pck.: 192,00
Volume min.pck.: 4,79
Weight min.pck.: 720,00
Quantity min. order: 1,00
Reference Metel: AXIAL FAN GRID d120 230V
Product status: In Stock

Safety instructions

Safety instructions:
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Technical data ETIM

Technical data ETIM

Mounting method: Surface mounted (plaster)
Assembly arrangement: With automatic louver
Colour: White
Width: 184
Height: 184
Depth: 111
Rated voltage: 230
Volume flow: 151
Nominal width: 119
Mains frequency: 50
Air handling temperature: 50|50
Direction: Axial
Degree of protection (IP): Other
Noise emission: 38
With connection set: Si
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