RAL series (system 45)


Category: RAL series (system 45)

Image Code Description
45501 20AX 1 way single pole switch Show details
45502 20AX 2 way single pole switch Show details
45504 20AX intermediate switch Show details
45505 1 POLE N/O PUSH BUTTON RAL Show details
45505G Single pole push to make retractive with neon (optional) 10A Show details
Placeholder 45506/15TS 2x10/16A + E - 250V - shuttered Show details
45508 Cord outlet Show details
45510 20AX 1 way double pole switch Show details
45513 Blank insert 1 module - RAL 7035 Show details
45517 10A single pole cord switch pull to make Show details
45524 RJ11 Telephone socket outlet 4 pin - screw terminals Show details
45528 Ringing bell 12Vac 8VA Show details
45552 10A 2 way and center off double pole switch with arrows (retractive) Show details
45554 10A 2 way and center off double pole push button with arrows (retractive) Show details
Placeholder 45590/15TS Combined schuko + italian standard socket outlet 2P+E 10/16A 250V with shutters - 2 modules Show details
45590TS Schuko socket outlet 2P+E 16A 250V - shuttered - 2 modules Show details