Emergency light led 230V S44 4X7M
High efficiency white LED emergency lamp 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz - SE - absorption in stand-by 5mA (340 mW) - rechargeable and replaceable battery 3.7 V 700mAh. Charging time 12 hours, autonomy 2 hours. Permanent self-diagnosis of battery functionality with light signal in case of anomaly - 90 Lumen luminous flux. Complete with 6/7 module MULTICOMPATIBLE support, which can be installed both in standard 6/7 module flush-mounted boxes and in 4 Mod boxes. To be completed with standard 7-module S44 plates from Ave or with plates from other manufacturers (Bticino Livinglight, Bticino Living International, Bticino Light, Vimar Eikon, Vimar Plana) - 4x7 modules
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Technical data ETIM
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Commercial Features

Commercial data

Code EAN13: 8008379098149
Standard packing: 1,00
Minimum packaging: 1,00
Code EAN13 min.pck.: 8008379098149
Length min.pck.: 220,00
Width min.pck.: 155,00
Height min.pck.: 90,00
Volume min.pck.: 3,06
Weight min.pck.: 211,00
Quantity min. order: 1,00
Reference Metel: EMERGENCY LIGHT LED 230V S44 4X7M
Product status: In Stock

Safety instructions

Safety instructions:
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Technical data ETIM

Technical data ETIM

Mounting method: Built-in
Protection class: II
Function: Escape route lighting
Lamp holder: Other
Connection type: Screw connection
Colour housing: Black
Voltage type: AC
Power supply system: Central (central battery)
Type of control gear: Not required
Suitable for labelling type: Other
Type of indicator: Only single-sided
Number of poles: 2
Wiring system: Standby switching
Number of lighting heads: 1
Material cover: Glass transparent
Impact strength: IK00
Nominal voltage: 230|230
Degree of protection (IP): IP20
With light source: Si
Suitable for number of lamps: 1
With remote switch connection: No
Monitoring equipment: Automatic self test
With pictogram: No
Type of wiring: Ending
Light distributor: None
Energy efficiency class of the built-in lamp: A++, A+, A (LED)
Energy efficiency class of the provided exchangeable built-in lamp: A++
Highest energy efficiency class of the exchangeable lamp: A++
Lowest energy efficiency class of the exchangeable lamp: A++
Nominal operation time: 2|2
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