Touch Series

An absolutely innovative solution based on concealed modules with glass or aluminium touch panels.


The first “concealed modular system with touch control” has arrived.

Ave has patented a sophisticated system which revolutionises the traditional concept of light control and dimming and which represents one of the important new items in the wiring accessories range.

With Ave Touch the switch, button and dimmer remain completely invisible, hidden behind a glass panel sensitive to a simple touch or the slightest brush of the fingertip. That is all that is needed to switch on a light, and a second touch to switch it off.

A delicate luminous LED back lights the panel and can be seen immediately also in the dark. A textured surface of the panel helps the finger to find the point to touch while a gentle click confirms that the switch has been activated each time.

Ave Touch can be installed on standard or 3 module boxes which protrude only slightly or can be perfectly flush with the wall using the boxes designed for total embedding. These products deserved a separate patent.

Ave Touch panels are available in white with shiny finish, absolute black with shiny finish, silvery grey with opaque finish, Pompei red with shiny finish and water green with opaque finish.

With Ave Touch the light control points become the real key points in the home.