AVE values

More than a century life and five generations of human relationships.

This is AVE history. From 1904 (foundation year) up to today, the company has always put human relations at the first place, encouraging relations based on mutual respect and familiarity with its workers.

For a long time, AVE has been communicating and dedicating the maximum care for human resources through a correct information and an aimed and motivated training, to allow its own Engineers and Installers to improve their competence and the service towards the end customer.

A service characterized by the excellent qualitative standard, even guaranteed by important Marks and Certifications, testifying all Ave products value, reliability and life.

Values guaranteed also by a long experience and business know-how, a modern laboratory equipped in order to develop the products, the highly specialized staff both in the production of the single components and in their assembly, and the careful and qualitative controls made on the single pieces and components, submitted to compatibility, safety and operation test.

In this way AVE products can satisfy the customer’s demands at best and guarantee quality, design, safety, functionality and comfort.

Quality Policy

AVE’s goal is to offer Clients products with high quality technical features designed to meet the increasingly demanding and detailed requests of the client/market, and to provide information and/or technical instructions on both products and systems in the catalogue.

To achieve this goal, AVE commits to:

  • research and define the needs, even unstated ones, of the Client and of all parties concerned;
  • manufacture innovative and safe products studied to meet the Client requirements;
  • involve all staff, both internal and in the country, and develop their sense of responsibility;
  • enhance the efficacy and efficiency of corporate processes;
  • prioritise the prevention of problems, instead of seeking solutions after an issue.

As stated in the Code of Ethics, the company shall work consistently at all levels by applying the following principles:

  • reliability, including honesty, keeping promises, integrity, transparency, reliability, loyalty;
  • respect, including respect for human rights;
  • responsibility, at all levels and for all administrative activities, commercial and/or technical;
  • justice, including impartiality and fairness, which require compliance with the law;
  • care, including sensitivity towards others to avoid damage to either people or the environment, in addition to data confidentiality.

In order to maintain quality and innovation standards that make Ave an acknowledged brand on the market, all Staff commit to:

  • identify, understand and meet the requirements, both explicit and implicit, of interlocutors;
  • work in compliance with the criteria of order, precision, constance and autonomy, within the limits established by the procedures and by the duties of each person;
  • contribute to ongoing improvement with a positive, proactive and cooperative attitude.
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Innovation is the key word with which we face change.
We create solutions for the home automation and electrical sector that combine aesthetics and technology to improve different lifestyles.
Choosing AVE means choosing Made in Italy products and adding value to your projects thanks to technical and design innovations.

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