Code of Ethics

AVE’s Code of Ethics

The AVE S.p.A. has adopted this Code of Ethics with a view to avoiding unethical conduct at any corporate level such as might cause legal problems, jeopardise the Company’s reputation and/or damage third parties or the environment.

Unethical conducts include, for example:
false statements, failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations in administrative, commercial or technical activities, corruption, collusion, bribes, extortion, nepotism, money laundering, misuse of internal information, fraud, discrimination, sexual abuse, occupational safety, environmental pollution.
In establishing work and supply relationships, AVE invites all customers, suppliers, collaborators and employees to approve this code of conduct and observe the principles herein.

By adopting this “Code of Ethics”, AVE S.p.A. undertakes to operate in accordance with the principles of:

  • Reliability, i.e. honesty, keeping of promises, integrity, transparency, trustworthiness, loyalty;
  • Respect, i.e. respect for human rights;
  • Responsibilityat all corporate levels and in every administrative, commercial and/or technical activity;
  • Justice, i.e. fairness, impartiality, observance of laws;
  • Care, i.e. awareness of others, avoiding damage to people or to the environment.

Compliance with legal and corporate obligations

AVE S.p.A. complies with:

  • the obligations laid down by regulations relative to corporate, legal, administrative, accounting, fiscal aspects, as per documents deposited at the Corporate Administrative Management and, for the quality of the organisation and of products, in compliance with the regulations in force, including the use of the Quality Manual, legal obligations, regulations and Community Directives for the respect for privacy.

Regarding competence, the documents are seen and checked by the Board of Auditors in office and by the specifically appointed entities. Relations with employees shall be governed by the applicable national collective bargaining agreement.
Staff is recruited based on technical and professional requirements, ensuring no discrimination in relation to gender, nationality, religion or race.
​AVE’s relations with customers are based on: mutual observance of current commercial and tax legislation; compliance with technical regulatory requirements for every activity or service carried out; absence of corporate offences, such as making false corporate communications, receiving, laundering and using money of unlawful origin, and engaging in fraudulent economic behaviour with customers or collaborators.

Relations with suppliers

  • AVE S.p.A. demands loyalty and integrity from all its suppliers, as well as fair, non-binding business dealings, free of any form of corruption, including extortion, economic favours and any other form of compensation. The supplier acknowledges the principle of freedom to choose an occupation. The supplier shall, under no circumstance, resort to forced or compulsory labour, i.e. work that is extracted by threat (withholding food or land or wages, physical violence, etc.) (ILO Conventions No. 29 and 105).
  • The supplier is prohibited from employing children in violation of the provisions of the International Labour Organization Conventions (ILO Convention No. 138).
  • The supplier undertakes to ensure that the total number of hours worked is equal to or less than the total established by national legislation or by the collective bargaining agreements of the country concerned.
  • The supplier undertakes to ensure that breaks and days of holiday/leave correspond at least to the minimum conditions established by national legislation or by the applicable collective bargaining agreements.
  • AVE encourages suppliers to adopt an Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure effective planning, operation and control of environmental aspects. This EMS shall satisfy the requirements of internationally recognised standards.

Occupational health and safety of workers at the workplace

For every activity or service carried out, the entire staff of AVE S.p.A. shall comply with Italian legislation and/or Directives on Occupational Health and Safety at the Workplace, adopting, where applicable and if possible, the following principles and criteria:

  • Avoiding risks – “the risk evaluation regulation” Law Decree 81/2008 as amended is effective.
  • Evaluate risks that cannot be avoided;
  • Adapt the work to its employees, especially as regards the design of workplaces, the choice of equipment, and the establishment of work methods, in particular to alleviate monotonous and repetitive work and to reduce the effects on health due to such work;
  • Replace anything dangerous with non-hazardous or less hazardous alternatives;
  • Draw up a consistent prevention plan that covers technology, work organisation, working conditions, social relations and the influence of work environment factors on job performance;
  • Give workers appropriate instructions, also by means of training, controls and by sharing methods and objectives.


The entire staff of AVE S.p.A. shall comply with the ethical requirement of professional secrecy with regard to any information obtained while fulfilling its duties. Moreover, AVE expects suppliers and customers to maintain an adequate degree of confidentiality in all business dealings.
​The privacy policy is effective and complied with.

Reporting unethical behaviour

In order to comply with and guarantee the above provisions, the Board of Directors of AVE S.p.A. requires that any employee, partner, customer or third party who should become aware of any failure to comply with the ethical requirements set forth herein, report said incident, in writing, to the CEO /General Management of AVE S.p.A., which will investigate the matter and take any necessary action.

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