AVE Switches and Front Plates

Design and style for the electrical system

AVE S44, one system for every need

AVE System 44 is the real revolution. A unique universal frame for all wiring accessories series, AVE S44 front plates and switches, with a myriad of benefits. Maximum flexibility on site: only one frame to be installed. Maximum freedom for your interior design projects, with an infinite number of solutions and aesthetics, that are all compatible with each other to meet every need.

AVE switches, the essence of control

AVE switches are developed to make accessible design by aiming for the best in terms of quality and reliability. AVE reinterprets the ON/OFF system through collections of switches that point to aesthetics:

AVE toggle switches

A contemporary evolution with a retro charm

The innovative AVE toggle switches are combined on linear front plates in aluminium, glass, Corian® (New Style 44) and on the natural ones in walnut wood (England Style 44).

Ave Touch switches

Just a touch is enough to change everything

AVE offers four different touch series to cater to every technological mood: metal (Smart Touch), moulded (Young Touch), glass (Vera Touch), and aluminum (Allumia Touch).

AVE traditional switches

Simplicity of style, everywhere recognizable

AVE offers 5 different S44 wiring accessories series, all the same in the reliability of their technical core: white (Domus 100), matt black (Tekla 44), glossy black (Life 44), silver gray (Allumia 44) and ivory (Class 44).

Stylish front plates for electrical system

Bring the signature of the best international designers in your system. All AVE S44 front plates, from the basic moulded versions up to the glass, aluminium and wood plates, are compatible with each of our wiring accessories series.

Vera 44

Essentiality takes over

Available designs in glass, aluminium, wood and Corian®

Zama 44

Geometries that aim for substance

Design in metal

Placca Smart 44

Smart 44

More than ultra-thin

Metal design with matt, shiny or brushed effect finishes.

Young 44

A new dimension of style

Plastic design, also with 3D textures and effects

Moulded 44

A window overlooking the simplicity

Plastic design, also with chrome inner frame

Personal 44

The exaltation of the personality

Plastic design, also with customizable plate

England Style 44

The class is timeless

Design in natural walnut and brass details

New Style 44

Contemporary elegance

Available designs in glass, aluminium and Corian®

AVE innovation: what more can you ask for?

Do you want to bring AVE innovation into your project? Below we present some of the most revolutionary solutions that we have patented to give value to your electrical system. Complete it with:

Multipresa AVE


4 types of sockets in just 3 modules

Thanks to AVE’s patented Multisocket, it’s possible to integrate up to 4 combinations of sockets, powered by a single wiring, into a “traditional” 3-module recessed box for wiring accessories series: an Italian socket, a Schuko socket, and two USB sockets (Type A and Type C).


The box that transforms from 3 to 4 modules

Brickwork or hollow walls? Increase flexibility with AVE RIVOBOX, the built-in boxes that allow you to increase from 3 to 4 modules without building works. Installing an additional power outlet will no longer be a problem!


The front plates become one with the wall

A special flush-mounted box (for Brickwork or hollow walls) allows the front plates of the AVE S44 to adhere perfectly to the wall, obtaining a final effect that is completely adhering to the wall surface. A real revolution!

Prese a scomparsa con placche scorrevoli


More protection and design

AVE sliding front plates allow you to cover the outlets protecting them when not used in a solution of high aesthetic value. A delicate LED reveals the luminous symbol of the plug making it immediately recognizable even in the dark.

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