AVE: a single home automation, infinite ways to manage it

AVE: a single home automation, infinite ways to manage it

AVE DOMINA plus home automation allows to create a smart home for every technological need and to manage it by Touch Screen, switches (including touch ones), app, web and even with voice commands now.

AVE offers an advanced home automation proposal with infinite ways to manage it. In an increasingly competitive market it becomes essential to find a solution in line with the needs of the client. With this premise, AVE DOMINA plus home automation proves to be innovative, offering the installer maximum flexibility with the possibility of configuring many functions in the system, such as the control of lighting, temperature and ventilation, loads control for energy saving, anti-intrusion, technical alarms, doors, windows, gates, curtains, shutters, sound diffusion system, irrigation for green areas, as well as scenarios, that involve multiple actions simultaneously so with a simple command (or in a programmed way) it’s possible to recreate in an environment or in the whole house the ideal conditions to relax (Relax Scenario: with soft lights and comfort temperature) or leave the house with the certainty that it is best protected (Exit Scenario: with lowered shutters, closed doors and all alarmed areas). Moreover, AVE DOMINA plus home automation gives the end user the possibility to manage his smart home through:

  • Touch Screen supervisors, built-in solutions with displays from 4.3-inch to 15-inch. In addition to giving a hi-tech and valuable touch to the home, these highly advanced devices allow to manage it in details, offering quick access to the various functions via interactive menus or – on premium versions – through a virtual “navigation” of environments to manage their automations;
  • Smartphones and tablets thanks to the new AVE Cloud app. Available for Android and iOS devices, this app allows to supervise home exactly as if user is in front of a Touch Screen, even remotely. AVE Cloud also offers an innovative function that allows to create scenarios via smartphone and customize them based on where the user is (using the geo-location of the device). Structured to manage multiple systems, so as to better supervise any second homes with DOMINA plus, this app allows multi-user access, without limits, so as to share the advantages of AVE home automation with family. If an alarm occurred, push notifications are sent directly to the owner’s smartphone to give him immediate feedback on what is happening;
  • Computer, accessing to AVE Cloud remote service via internet, it’s possible to manage every automation and function integrated in the home automation system in just a few simple clicks;
  • Most widespread IoT Voice Assistants, both through the respective apps and smart speakers, thanks to AVE Connect service. This means that it’s possible to recall the DOMINA plus functions also via voice commands. Through AVE Connect the home automation system is controlled natively by the digital Assistant, which also allows to manage other IoT devices and other functions (such as receiving weather and traffic information) or simply recalling a “routine”, a sequence of planned actions to meet the primary daily needs;
  • Switches so to better control home automation functions from rooms. Available also in touch and multi-touch versions (with up to 6 independent commands), AVE switches allows to control devices and automations with a simple action.

In an ever smarter world, where technological solutions follow one another rapidly, AVE proves to be innovative again thanks to an advanced home automation system. The added value of DOMINA plus proposal is its flexibility: both for customization, with various technical and design possibilities to meet the technological and budget’s of client, and for control, allowing end users to better manage their smart home.

With AVE the technology becomes even more personal and human-friendly: a single home automation with infinite ways to manage it.

NOTE: It requires an Internet connection. Controlling certain devices and features requires a compatible smart device. Controlling devices such as home appliances requires compatible smart plugs, devices and/or switches. Subscriptions may be required, and additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply; they don’t depend on AVE S.p.A. AVE S.p.A. declines any responsibility regarding the internet connection because service’s supply isn’t its competence. AVE S.p.A. disclaims any responsibility related to the incorrect use of the AVE Cloud and AVE Connect services. We recommend to contact a professional in order to achieve a perfectly done system’s configuration.

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