AVE, an Italian corporate excellence (video)

AVE, an Italian corporate excellence (video)

AVE shows up its history, technology, design and innovation in a video: an Italian excellence – recognized all over the world.

In 1904 AVE was born as first electrical equipment company in Italy.  Back then the dream was of innovation, of creating solutions so that progress could be ever more accessible to all. Out of this came our first vocation; the production of switches, forging a contact between the physical world and electricity which was both functional and aesthetically desirable. Only the best production processes and the highest quality would do.

After over a century, and five generations of trailblazers, that dream of innovation is still real and valid, enriched by new experiences, open to new horizons, in what, to this day, is still a family Company.

Today AVE production covers almost all of the material used in electrical systems and home automation. We are involved in the evolution of smart homes, with touch control and interactive displays, and the use of apps, open to the boundless universe of IoT.

Over the years our collaboration with some of the most renowned international designers, together with continuous ongoing research, has led AVE to win innumerable awards. Our products have been satisfactorily installed in millions of buildings in Italy and abroad. AVE is a recognized brand all over the world, Made in Italy and a symbol of quality and prestige.

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