Il design AVE nella mostra “Le Fabbriche pensanti”

AVE design in “Thinking Factories” exhibition

Until June 4, AVE will be featured in the “Thinking Factories” exhibition, that tells the stories of the 32 Compasso d’Oro award-winning products of Bergamo and Brescia, Italian Capital of Culture 2023.

Over the years, collaboration with the most renowned international designers and continuous research toward innovation has led AVE to win lots of awards, including the Compasso D’Oro, in 1979, for the first 45 mm modular switch of the Habitat Series, designed by Andries Van Onck with Hiroko Takeda. A true piece of design history through which AVE is now featured in the exhibition “Thinking Factories. Tales of Compassi d’Oro from Bergamo to Brescia”.

Hosted at the Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo, this exhibition is aimed at highlighting the manufacturing production of the two provinces in the year of Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023. The leitmotif of the exhibition (which will also be followed by a book) is the world’s most authoritative design award, the Compasso d’Oro in a narrative that involves the 32 winning products from the Brescia and Bergamo area. The installation includes interactive paths developed to intrigue visitors and give visibility to the products.

“Thinking Factories” exhibition is an important showcase for AVE in the year of Bergamo and Brescia, Italian Capital of Culture 2023. Always intimately linked to its territory, AVE is in fact a proudly Brescian company. It’s a historic brand of Italian design applied to the electrical sector that, over the years, that has been chosen with satisfaction for millions of installations in Italy and abroad.

Today, AVE has become a brand recognized worldwide as a symbol of Made in Italy quality and prestige, offering rational and contemporary answers in design and technological terms. Currently, AVE’s production covers almost all items dedicated to electrical systems, home and building automation, enabling the creation of cutting-edge hotels and smart homes. AVE is now increasingly a protagonist in highly prestigious projects, oriented toward new forms of beauty, energy saving and smart functionality.

A natural continuation of the innovation that has led AVE to win several awards over the years and, among them, the Compasso d’Oro, celebrated in the exhibition “Thinking Factories.” The same innovation that is still applied today, both in technology and design, as a true signature of style. A hallmark of the AVE brand.

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