AVE home automation certified KNX: design and technology are exalted

AVE home automation certified KNX: design and technology are exalted

It’s available the new range of AVE control devices with KNX certification, aesthetically coordinated with System 44 design.

AVE home automation expands its horizons through the new control devices’ series with KNX technology, a world-recognized standard for automated and decentralized management of residential and commercial automation systems. This range has already obtained the KNX certification and it’s anyway joined by the proprietary system AVEbus, so expanding AVE’s offer in this area and confirming Company’s willingness to invest in home automation.

Thanks to KNX’s architecture and flexibility, the new AVE control devices are easily configurable; the wide spectrum of manageable parameters allows the installer to meet any system’s requirements. You can control all possible integrated applications and functions both in buildings and homes: lighting, motorized shutters, technical alarms, video surveillance, thermoregulation, ventilation and air conditioning monitoring, water and load control, energy savings and sound systems management.

Aesthetically coordinated with AVE System 44 wiring accessories series (Life, Domus, Allumia and Tekla), the range of KNX control devices also meets the aesthetic demands of end-users. To a state-of-the-art technology AVE combines an exquisite design, a great strength of the whole Company’s production, enabling the creation of home automation systems that are easy to configure and aesthetically connected to the rest of the system.

The KNX range is available in touch version (with front plates Vera Touch in glass, Allumia Touch in aluminium or Young Touch in moulded) and traditional one, which are both complete with elements of 2 and 3 modules for AVE System 44. 2-modules device allow you to set from 1 to 4 commands, while the 3-modules devices allow you to set from 1 to 6 commands (configurable on 9 positions on the Multi-Touch, cod. 442KNXTC6), thus ensuring maximum flexibility. Flexibility that expands further thanks to the recognising of command touch time, so you can get the most of control potentials.

The KNX control devices with seesaw button (codes 442KNXT6, 442KNXT4) also introduce the innovative “multi-action” function with recognising of command touch time. This is implemented with unique features on the market: it allows the sending of multiple actions – not bound to each other – making possible an advanced system control thanks to the recall of several simultaneous functions. This can be defined as a native Scenario in the button. Thanks to this function, up to 3 contemporaneous actions can be carried out with a short pressure and the same as the long one. A revolution for home automation sector.

Each KNX control device boasts a user interface that allows you to report each event; for example: status of loaded commands, presence of alarms, events that have affected the burglar alarm system or simply repeat one or more calls. The KNX range has multi-colour LEDs (blue, red and purple) configurable as fixed or flashing with user-definable frequency. In addition, the bright intensity of the LEDs can be set on three different modes: minimum, average and maximum. Each action also has an acoustic signalling by buzzer in order to always give you the certainty of the command.

The introduction of new KNX control devices marks a turning point for AVE. KNX technology is enhanced by the unique aesthetics of System 44 and with intelligent solutions designed for an increasingly demanding, complex and evolving market.

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