Ave presents the new range of multi-purpose flush mounting boxes for hollow walls

Ave presents the new range of multi-purpose flush mounting boxes for hollow walls

The boxes, designed with numerous technical features that facilitate their installation have been patented by Ave and comply with the main standards on products and plant

Long experience and high level of professionalism have made AVE S.p.A. a company specialised in the production of articles for light and/or plasterboard walls, capable of offering the market a wide and complete range that breaks down into the following:

•    Twelve versions for wiring accessories
•    nine versions for producing IP40 junction boxes
•    five versions for producing IP55 junction boxes
•    six versions for producing flush mounted IP40 control units
•    four accessories for providing thermal/acoustic insulation of the structure: a windproof membrane for front plate boxes, three windproof plugs for multi-purpose boxes and five hermetic windproof covers for junction boxes.

With its commitment to technological innovation oriented toward the needs of modern building, Ave has decided to increase the present range with a series of unique high performance solutions that meet highly specific needs:

•    three new versions of multi-purpose boxes
•    two new versions of junction boxes
•    one version of control enclosure with 36 DIN modules.

The strong point of the new products is the new anchoring system that makes it possible to attach the box to the panel from both sides. It is an excellent alternative that offers the advantage of halving the time needed for installation.

The new system consists of flaps with cavities produced with a bees nest structure which facilitates insertion of the screw when anchoring the box.
The new boxes have a greater number of inlets (push outs) for corrugated tube and a gap to facilitate their removal. They also have slots for anchoring corrugated tubes and/or cables and a special feature is their greater mechanical strength due to the insertion of special ribs.

The new anchoring system thus offers the possibility of attaching the box on the front of the panel or at the back (during or after the works) or to install the boxes simultaneously on two sides of the single panel (internal and external) before the wall has been finished, thus eliminating the need to position the box twice.

The complete range of multi-purpose boxes offered by Ave, has not only been chosen by major builders of light and/or plasterboard walls in the world market but also complies with the product standard CEI EN 60670-1 (23-48) and plant standard CEI 64-8 8th edition, which require that flush mounted boxes installed in hollow walls, hollow ceilings or furniture be made of special plastic (self-extinguishing technopolymer) which passes the Glow Wire Test at 850°C. Avant-garde solutions designed not only to satisfy the evolving needs of various residential styles but also needs related to the work of the installers.

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