Ave promotes an hospitality and accessibility without barriers

Ave promotes an hospitality and accessibility without barriers

Allumia Touch is the controls series dedicated to disabled people: a line of products that guarantee safety, comfort and well-being.

Ave has developed smart solutions to support and improve the life quality of people who are in situations of disability or disadvantage. These devices are created to promote accessibility and responsible tourism; they are able to solve many issues that might go to compromise several sightseeing opportunities, cultural and recreational activities.

Ave has always supported an hospitality without barriers, an accessibility made of structures and environments that meet the needs of disabled people with a quality service that can satisfy their needs. The range of Allumia Touch controls dedicated to invalids born from the necessity to offer a practical suitable products for people with special needs that, for this reason, are often forced to give up travel because of lack to appropriate services.

Allumia Touch is a revolutionary range of products in brushed anodized aluminium, that integrates all the functions of AVE Touch series: touch controls, sliding plates and other retractable devices. All these commands are highly customizable with writings and symbols that are reproduced indelibly on the plate surface. Simply touching anywhere on the plate you can activate the corresponding command (light, alarm, siren, etc.). A welcome measure designed to ensure maximum comfort and an adequately well-being.

The aluminium plate for light controls is equipped with one horizontal black strip, from whose back emerges a delicate light blue LED. Instantly recognizable even in the dark, this solution is able to compensate for vision problems or fatigue. A slight notch on the plate allows you to locate the exact point of command, while a low “tick sound” confirms the switching on and off.

The light controls are available in versions at 230VAC for traditional wiring, 12Vdc for Ave’s home automation and 12-24Vcc with very little depth and “clean” relay contact output to interface with third party home automation. The plates are universal multi-command, with a single plate you can be obtained more functions: for example, from one to three commands on the plate to 3 modules.

Allumia Touch can be applied in the management of hotels by Domina Hotel, a sophisticated domotic system that allows to monitor every room remotely without sacrificing the pleasure of a design that integrates Ave’s wiring accessories series (Ave Touch, Touch Allumia, Domus Touch and Life Touch). Based on innovative technology, this system allows a quick handling that reduces inefficiencies in addition to simplifying the monitoring operations.

Not only hotel automation, but also home automation. Through the elegant touch screen with brushed aluminum plate it’s easy to control with one touch all aspects of the electrical system in your home or office: lights, shutters, burglar alarm, temperature control, water and gas alarms, cameras, load control device, sound diffusion and energy, water and gas consumption.

Thanks to its advanced solutions Ave has managed to find a perfect combination of technology and design that, together with the attention to the needs of all, it’s able to create contemporary environments without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Ave: a refined atmosphere for an hospitality without barriers.

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