Ave Touch optical signals with “hidden” installation

Ave Touch optical signals with “hidden” installation

For a state-of-the-art electrical system, AVE offers an innovative customizable solution for optical signals and step lights.

Designed to meet the needs of different environments, Ave Touch optical signals with “hidden” installation allow the installer to satisfy residential, service and hotel’s demands, adding value to electrical system thanks to the unique aesthetics of Ave Touch front plates.

AVE solution consists of a light signal/optical signal device that can be customized through interchangeable films, with the possibility to regulate the light intensity in the area for customized label. This product is supplied with 2 different optical texture films. Optionally, the user can choose from a wide catalogue of films for signalling with writings and symbols (ALARM, WC, EXTINGUISHER, etc.) or coloured films that can be used for step light, stair riser light and courtesy light.

Through a single product code (442TC76), the installer can propose a wide range of solutions, all aesthetically coordinated with each other. The light signal module is in fact supported by the innovative Ave Touch “hidden” installation: the interchangeable film and the dedicated front plate conceal the device, making clearly visible the optical signal on the wall and obtaining an effect of full continuity with the rest of the electrical system.

Ave Touch front plates’ range allows you to complete the light signal module through exclusive glass designs (available in clear white and absolute black, frosted water green and silver grey) and brushed aluminium design (available in natural colour or anthracite one), perfectly coordinated with respective lines of traditional plates and the revolutionary Ave Touch commands. The result is a high quality solution for optical signals, which increases flexibility and adds value to the system.

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