AVE touch switches in an elegant villa in Verona

AVE touch switches in an elegant villa in Verona

AVE touch switches combine with the best technology to give a new concept of control in an elegant villa in Verona.

Technology and design are an indissoluble binomial for AVE, which signs the exclusivity of the rooms of a refined Italian villa in the province of Verona. Located in Mozzecane, this house integrates the revolutionary Ave Touch commands in white glass, that are valuable aesthetic elements able to bring out the light points and the whole electrical system.

Dedicated to those are looking for the utmost harmony in the purity of colour, AVE touch switches collection represent a valuable aesthetic choice, that has allowed to create a contemporary living space, where touch technology is an everyday reality. Thanks to their simple and ultra-thin design, Vera Touch front plates – configured in a multi-touch variant with up to six customizable controls – become technological pieces of furniture among the rooms of this villa. Functional light points, beautiful to look, simple to use and therefore suitable for the everyday life of a modern home.

To turn on the light, adjust the light intensity or manage the integrated automations, it’s enough a tap on the surface of these refined front plates in glass with a clear finish. The LED lights, which shine from the back of the plate, signal the user to the exact point to be touched, while a delicate tic sound gives the certainty of the command.

In this villa, in addition to the touch switches and in order to complete the electrical system, the white elements of AVE Domus 100 wiring accessories series have been included. Thermostats, sockets and traditional light switches (with lightable gem) give continuity to the overall project, within the Vera white glass front plates, based on the same design of multi-touch and touch switches.

The external areas of this house is also signed by AVE. The present elements (Domus 100 series) are enclosed within splash proof front plates (IP55) designed to better protect the sockets and switches from atmospheric agents. Another solution included in the garden is the AVE SEAL enclosure, that ensure maximum protection for the sockets even when plug is inserted.

Not only design and technology in this elegant villa in Verona, but also several innovative products. A complete proposal, crowned by AVE touch switches that give a new contact with the house.

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