Axial, the new, quiet and pratical DOMUSAIR fan range produced by AVE

Axial, the new, quiet and pratical DOMUSAIR fan range produced by AVE

The products ensure high performance and perfectly matches Ave’s Domus Touch range

The products are part of Ave’s DomusAir fan range and are manufactured to ensure air recirculation in small and medium-sized rooms: the range is called Axial, and features new axial fans, safe and easy to use, combining high technological performance and a unique and original design.

The Axial range stands out for its smart design, perfectly match to the domusTouch residential range (same lines, same plastic material and same gloss white colour RAL 9010), which combines high technology and smart look to offer versatile products suitable for different environments.

Axial fans are made or high quality, shock and UV-resistant recyclable plastics. Their 100, 120 and 150 mm diameter make them suitable for fitting to standard tubular frames.

They can be mounted to walls, ceilings of windows. They remove stale air directly to the outside or by means of short, straight conduits (max. 1.5m long) and are fitted with a ball bearing motor, allowing the product to be continuously used (for over 30,000 hours) and ensuring an efficient and quiet operation.

Its innovative design features a modern and smart, motor concealing front cover design, ensuring total safety and making the fan a great item of furnishing, suitable to modern and elegant home interiors.

In addition, the fans are specifically sized in order to cover unsightly marks left by old fans requiring replacement.

Reliable and incredibly practical, the new Axial fans offer high performance in terms of quiet and energy-saving operation and can satisfy and are suitable for a wide range of personal tastes and requirements, whilst fully complying with current standards in order to monitor air quality, protect people’s health, safeguard building brickwork and optimizing energy consumption.

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