the new AVE's website dedicated to hotel automation the new AVE’s website dedicated to hotel automation

It’s online the new website dedicated to DOMINA Hotel, AVE’s hotel automation proposal that allows you to optimize costs and simplify your hotel management.

Since many years AVE is engaged into the development of advanced systems that increase comfort and life quality, both for residential and hotel fields. AVE’s home and hotel automation solutions allow to fully manage the buildings where they are installed, but also optimize them helping you to reduce management costs.

Today the company has decided to focus on the hotel automation and inaugurates a new website entirely aimed to DOMINA Hotel: AVE’s reference brand for its smart proposal dedicated to the hotel world, DOMINA Hotel isn’t only a hotel management software, but a highly advanced flexible expandable system, where latest developments in the technology field are involved to make hotels more comfortable, reliable and safer places.

With hoteliers, but also designers and architects, have at their disposal an entire website to explore AVE’s solutions and discover the benefits of an hotel automation management.

Energy savings, smart automations, interfacing with booking software, with Fire Detection system, temperature control, and various proposals in the field of ventilation are just some of DOMINA Hotel features. Thanks to transponder card readers that “talk” with the hotel management software through special room control units, the hotelier is able to know at any time if the customer is inside the room, if the room has already been straightened and where are his employees. Directly from the front desk he can remotely manage air conditioning systems, lights and supervise every room in order to make unforgettable guests’ stay.

Through “News” and “Videos” sections you can stay tuned with the latest news and the functions, while visiting “The Hotel” page of, you can navigate into a smart hotel and virtually get in touch with all the elements of the hotel automation system.

Perfectly coordinated and integrated with AVE’s electric proposals, DOMINA Hotel is a fine solution also from an aesthetic point of view. Advanced actuators are hidden behind elegant glass or aluminium plates. Touching a surface guest can set lights or motorized shutters, simply placing his card on card readers he can enter into different hotel environments.

Today AVE opens the door to a new opportunity: make hotel a safer, more comfortable and optimized place.

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