new AVE home automation's website is online new AVE home automation’s website is online

AVE home automation has evolved and lands on the web with a new website, that is optimized to meet all technological needs.

It’s online, the new AVE home automation’s website. A completely renewed web showcase, which exhibits the evolved AVE DOMINA plus system, a technologically advanced and constantly expanding proposal, that is developed to increase comfortsafety and life quality.

Novelties of new AVE home automation’s website

On, users can discover all the peculiarities of a flexible and expandable system, able to adapt easily to any living space. In fact, today, anyone can experience the advantages of AVE home automation. From small flats to large villas: it’s very easy to find the perfect mix between comfort and budget needs.

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Smart functions

Automation, scenarios, thermoregulation, sound diffusion, lighting, dimmer, load control, anti-intrusion system and numerous ventilation’s proposals. These are just some of the functions that DOMINA plus can manage, but not only. Thanks to the AVE home automation, it’s possible to monitor and reduce consumption through energy saving. Everything is under control via Touch Screens, the technological heart of DOMINA plus technology, or from smartphones, tablets and PCs, even remotely.

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AVE smart home opens its doors

Through the “smart home” area of website you can navigate among the rooms of AVE smart home and virtually get familiar with all the elements that make up the system. Each room integrates different devices and functionalities, so as to make even more immediate contact with home automation benefits.

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Design, the added value of AVE home automation

Home automation for AVE isnp’t only technology, but also design, with aesthetics suitable for any environment. The switches, for example, are available in three different versions (traditional, touch and with toggles) and in many designs for minimal, industrial and classic rooms. In addition: switches, thermostats, touch screens, power outlets and each device that makes up the system is aesthetically connected to those around it. In this way it’s very easy to customize home automation according to your taste and the style of your house.

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Many references to inspire revolutionary projects

AVE home automation has been chosen and integrated into prestigious residential buildings, both in Italy and abroad. Thus the new “References” area of was born; an entire section where you can admire and be inspired by the AVE hi-tech world.

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Today the house you’ve always dreamed of is reality

Choosing AVE home automation means being able to count on a system that includes all the automation, comfort, security and communication functions required for a modern home today. An intelligent, evolving system, that perfectly adapts to people’s habits.

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