"DomusAir”, the next frontier for ventilation

“DomusAir”, the next frontier for ventilation

It’s called DomusAir the brand for residential and industrial ventilation of Ave S.p.a., a leader company in the field of electrical and electronic equipment. 

For over a century, Ave S.p.a. directs its efforts to reach the highest quality standards and high performance technology combining them with an unique and exclusive design.

A proper ventilation of indoor environment is crucial to safeguard the health of people who living there and useful for the optimal building preservation. Through an appropriate ventilation system you can prevent many diseases caused by an inadequate ventilation (allergies, asthma, burning eyes, headaches, excessive sweating…) especially for categories in which these disorders can be significantly more pronounced (children and elderly people with breathing difficulties). The building itself can benefit from adequate ventilation to prevent the creation of mold, condensation and excessive temperature that might create problems and sometimes high costs. This issue has worsened recently with the use of materials that increase the insulation degree: less ventilation and the consequent increase of chemicals agents are common aftermath and possible causes of health disorders.

To solve these issues, Ave S.p.a. proposes DomusAir. Recovering the same materials, lines and the same color (white RAL 9010 polished) of DomusTouch range (the Ave’s solution that combines elegance and technological characteristics of the “hidden” system with touch control AveTouch and Domus components), DomusAir suits perfectly with it and offers a range of products that stand out for their versatility adapting to wear a variety of environments.

In addition to the aesthetic coordination, the new frontier for domestic ventilation emerges thanks to the wide range of items offered that is divided into three different product lines: axial fans, centrifugal and mixed-flow fans. All these devices have been made in order to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and performance, as well as designed to ensure the lowest energy consumption and an excellent acoustic comfort. Each product has specific aesthetic and functional characteristics that make it adapted to play at the best the function for which it was studied.

Always in full compliance with the regulations, all DomusAir lines have been designed to ensure the optimal solution for air quality managing. The range of axial fans includes the lines: “Axial”, “Elical Top”, “Elical”, “Grid” and “Flucso”. Designed to expel stale air outside directly or through short ducts, these devices are the ideal solution to ensure air exchange in bathrooms, toilets and small or medium size environments. Installable in wall, ceiling or window, these axial fans are equipped with a ball bearing motor that guarantees a long life, up to 30,000 hours.

The lines of “FLOo” centrifugal fans and “Eliflus” mixed-flow fans are designed for more “powerful” ventilation that is able to win the backpressure generated by long ducts. FLOo model maintains the same ball bearing motor, same installation mode and ilk perimeter suction system, while Eliflus has a high efficiency mixed-flow fan who guarantees maximum acoustic comfort.

Thanks to a continuous research and development, Ave S.p.a has managed to develop a range of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation devices which increase comfort and life quality at very low power consumption. Through the advanced Ave’s home automation system DOMINAplus it’s possible to interact with the CMV units expanding its range of use. As well as allowing an automatic control of recycle air, trough “scenarios” function you can recreate environments according to different needs and occasions. Thanks to the home automation of Ave, the decentralized CMV with single flow is easily controlled: the device can oversee the efficiency and receive reports to the need for filter replacement or warnings about possible risks of rupture. Highly configurable and manageable, VND100ECP Unit has obtained the highest score in its class in terms of energy efficiency (registering an SFP of 0.09 W/l/s in the tests performed by BRE, an independent laboratory in the UK) and is able to deliver a superior air quality at low consumption.

“SOLITAIR” represents the new Ave’s proposal for residential ventilation: decentralized heat recovery unit with alternate flow. SOLITAIR is able to operate continuously (24 / 24h) expelling the stale air and entering clean air taken from outside; by alternating these operations with an interval of about 75 seconds, the unit VNRD150EC unable to ensure a perfect aeration of the interiors limiting heat dispersion. Thanks to the presence of a ceramic heat exchanger with high thermal efficiency, SOLITAIR is able to recover up to more than 90% of the heat that otherwise would be lost: the air extracted through the duct gives up its thermal energy to the ceramic accumulator which can warm the incoming air. Another peculiarity is that SOLITAIR does not require a condensation drainage, a solution particularly indicated for renovation work where it’s usually more difficult and expensive to operate.

In addition to the proposals for residential environments, the brand DomusAir also includes a range of axial fans and axial-flow fans for air destratification, specially designed for commercial environments.

Created for moving large volumes of air at contained pressure, the axial fans are able to match great efficiency with long life, guaranteed by the robust construction of the supporting frame and the safety net made of steel and specially treated to ensure total protection against corrosion. The innovative fan, with aerodynamic serrate corners and edges, is enhanced by the use of a high-performance motor: so are guaranteed maximum efficiency and quiet operation. Made of cast aluminium, or high-performance material, and dynamically balanced according to ISO 14694 Grade G6.3, this fan has engines with an efficient external rotor arranged to be adjusted according to the needs. Provided with an integral thermal protection, these engines allow operation up to 70 °.

Instead the axial-flow fans for air destratification help save up to 40% of energy costs. During the winter season the heat tends to stratify upward while underlying temperature is colder. The result is an increased energy consumption and an uncomfortable situation for people who are in these areas. The axial-flow fans for air destratification create a not-annoying column of air that even the heat ( with a maximum variation between 1 ° and 2 ° C). Simple to install and fully adjustable, these fans help to solve the problem of thermal stratification also in presence of air conditioning system.

With a long experience in a trade that has many similarities with ventilation one, Ave was able to offer a wide range of solutions that fit every need. DomusAir manages to combine the best of technological research to a modern and exclusive design that integrates with the aesthetics choices of wiring accessories series DomusTouch. DomusAir, the next frontier for residential and industrial ventilation.

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