Electrical system design: “touch” as daily technology

Electrical system design: “touch” as daily technology

Enhanced by unique aesthetics of Vera Touch front plates, touch technology becomes the symbol of a refined Italian flat.

Simple, clean and minimalist lines become the mirror of a contemporary lifestyle full of elegance and functionality. With this premise AVE touch technology enters inside a beautiful Italian flat, in Udine province, bringing a new contact with light and home.

Vera Touch glass front plates makes touch technology as daily reality. It’s enough a touch to turn on the light, to regulate light intensity or to control connected devices. Among inserted solutions there are also the innovative multi-touch control devices, that allows end-user to manage up to 6 independent commands. Multi-touch devices exhibit also the possibility to customize front plates through a wide catalogue of symbols; in this way the identification of the commands becomes even more intuitive. Furthermore, delicate LEDs indicate user the exact point to touch, offering an immediate recognition of the commands even in the dark.

Thanks to their minimal design and practicality, Vera Touch front plates becomes technological furnishing items – perfectly coordinated with each other and with the rest of the electrical system. The outlet sockets and wiring accessories belong to Domus 100 series that – thanks to the precious exclusivity of its white tone – takes part in embellishing the overall design, surrounded by Vera 44 white glass front plates.

AVE touch technology allows to create functional light points, easy to use and therefore suitable for the everyday life in a modern home, like this Italian flat.

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