Evolved technology for hotel management: Vip System Touch

Evolved technology for hotel management: Vip System Touch

Ave has created a product that revolutionises the design criteria of hotel automation: Vip System Touch is the first device with a Touch screen front plate and transponder reader that, when installed outside of a hotel room, allows the simple automatic management of all functions related to access, occupation status of the room and “do not disturb”.

Available in the model with glass front plate, Ave Touch, or in the model with brushed anodised aluminium front plate, Allumia Touch, Vip System Touch is the ideal solution for high end and luxury hotels and other hotels that want to install an innovative device with evolved technology and exclusive design in order to optimise their services for their guests.

It comes in two models: Ave Touch with glass front plate in the colour glossy black, or with front plate in brushed anodised aluminium.

When the card is placed next to the reader, the reader will open the door. The occupation status and “do not disturb” notice can be activated by pressing a button inside the hotel room, and are also displayed on the reader with dedicated LEDs.

The glass front plate Vip System Touch can be customized with the hotel logo and room number. To make them visible even when it is dark, use the special model with backlighting.

Vip System Touch integrates perfectly with the sophisticated home automation system Domina Hotel by AVE, which contains all of the solutions for the technological management of hotels: card readers for access control, thermostats, room supervision systems and supervision software for the reception area. Each function is managed to fit the needs of individual clients, in full compliance with maximum efficiency, functionality, security and comfort.
The system also guarantees important management-related and financial advantages through intelligent solutions that are able to prevent wasted energy and resources, while ensuring that guests enjoy a complete, all-inclusive experience.

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