Great success for AVE at the FuoriSalone 2019

Great success for AVE at the FuoriSalone 2019

During the Milano Design Week, AVE technology and design were the protagonists of the FuoriSalone 2019 through two important exhibitions, aimed at defining new scenarios for the hospitality’s future.

Great success for AVE at the FuoriSalone 2019. From April 9th to 14th, AVE products are included in two exhibitions designed by the famous architect Simone Micheli, participating in the definition of a new hospitality concept: more welcoming, intelligent and sustainable.

Hotel Regeneration “Social time | social life | social space”, has been conceived as an extremely interesting exhibition, which involved the vast public of Milano Design Week in an avant-garde interpretation of the environments that usually make up the hotel. In this exhibition-agora, smart technology has taken on unprecedented features, favouring the interaction of visitors to experience unprecedented hospitality. Thanks to AVE, the public was able to see and touch the infinite possibilities offered by technology today, starting with the hotel card readers, sophisticated aesthetic devices that – when combined with DOMINA Hotel automation – make it possible to guarantee an advanced access supervision tool. At Hotel Regeneration even the contact with light and connected devices has been revolutionized: the switches with AVE become touch, hidden behind elegant glass front plates (Vera Touch) or moulded ones (Young Touch), while the room thermostats offer various energy saving solutions, with detection performance at the highest levels.

CONVENT SUITE. Renaissance 2.0 “Good present comes from good past” is an ethical and intelligent project, a virtual exhibition that will take concrete shape over the next year, exhibiting AVE designs and technology inside an ex seventeenth century Convent absorbed into a wonderful setting of the Factory of Maiano of Fiesole (Florence), owned by the Count Francesco Miari Fulcis. Two splendid suites, visible during the FuoriSalone 2019 through interactive and engaging installations, so as to have a glimpse of tomorrow’s hospitality.

Great success for AVE at the FuoriSalone 2019. Both exhibition have offered visitors a perspective of the hotel of the future through inclusive and fascinating experiences, where AVE products have been packed with appreciations, both aesthetically and for integrated technology. The future is getting closer with AVE.

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