Multi-sensor Interface: the management of your home has never been easier

Multi-sensor Interface: the management of your home has never been easier

The great versatility of this product allows to create a variety of home automation solutions

The new 53ABAN02 Multi-sensor Interface developed by Ave lets you acquire and manage informations from any device with an analog output. The innovation introduced with this product is so in his huge versatility: the Multisensor Interface, in fact, allows home automation system to read and import any signal from a sensor with analog output.

With this device, it’s so introduced the possibility to create multiple home automation applications that can solve various problems related to your house.

During the summer, for example, this device can control the quantity of light and solar energy and so avoid excessive radiation of inside areas. Using the appropriate solar radiation sensor or with a luxmeter, Multi-sensors Interface can monitor the amount of energy or sun light and activate the shutters or blinds.

This new product can also be configurated to manage the production of photovoltaic electricity. Through an appropriate sensor, which supervises the amount of produced energy, the Multisensor Interface can enable any electrical loads when the production is appropriate in order to exploit the most of produced energy.

Through two analog inputs, the AVEbus Interface is able to read the analog signals into voltage (for example 0-10V), current (e.g. 4-20mA) and can also be configured as digital inputs (frequency measures: 0-2Khz) and/or as input for detecting temperature by NTC(10kΩ – β=3380) or Pt100 thermocouple. The operation is carried for distributed logic: according to the detected input value, that is compared with five programmable threshold (L0, L, M, H and H0), the device can autonomously manage the AVEbus commands.

Thanks to the DOMINAplus touchscreen you can supervise the device. Through a graphical user interface you can view the status of the analog inputs or decide to customize the value of the thresholds that parameterize the autonomous operation of the interface.

The versatility of Ave’s Multisensor Interface is the ability to read various types of probes and sensors. Associating a specific function to each of the two channels according to the type of inputs to detect, the device may be provided internally to accept the type of signal required (current or voltage). The device provides two groups of functions: the first group contains all “pure” analog functions, while the second is formed by all those complementary functions that use the input in digital mode.

With the Ave’s Multisensor Interface you have many opportunities of use. In addition to the examples already mentioned, by connecting the 53ABAN02 device to an anemometer it can monitor the intensity of the wind and so retire motorized blinds . If the wind force exceeds the set threshold , the curtains will retract automatically and breakages are averted.

The device designed by Ave can be really exploited in any situation. By means of PT100 or NTC probes, that detect the temperature of the external housing, the Multisensor Interface is able to activate anti-freeze systems for vehicular avenues.

Throught the humidity sensor can be monitored instead the percentage of water present in the air in order to enable or disable dehumidification system or simply block any radiant cooling.

Combining the Multisensor Interface to the specific AirQuality probe, it will be possible to manage air quality. With this probe, which measures the air quality in room, an home automation system can independently govern the activation and deactivation of the air change system using an aspirator or a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation(CMV).

Thanks to Ave and its new Multisensor Interface, the management of the home has never been easier. The 53ABAN02 device solves in a practical, safe and immediate way many of the problems related to your home.

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