New connectors for electronic and multimedia devices

New connectors for electronic and multimedia devices

These interfaces fit perfectly with all Ave wiring accessories series and allow connection via HDMI, USB, BNC, RCA, RJ11, RJ45 and TV.

Ave has managed to expand its offer bringing to market the new connectors, solutions that simplify the connection of electronic and multimedia devices with maximum convenience and safety. Always in full respect of the highest quality standard and following the road of a continuous innovation, Ave has extended its product range by introducing the new connectors HDMI, USB, BNC, RCA, RJ11, RJ45 and TV.

Although differing from each other in function and form, all Ave connection interfaces have a peculiarity: thanks to the Keystone standard, signal connectors have been designed to be installed on a single adapter (cod. 44029SC ). This shrewdness provides a double benefit: aesthetic and installative one.

Trough Keystone universal mounting, these devices can be installed on all major recessed wiring accessories of Ave “44 System” ( LIFE Touch, Allumia Touch and DOMUS Touch series), creating multiple possibilities of integration with the different styles and types of furniture. Secondly, the choice to standardize the adapter allows to simplify the work of the installers who should have only one adapter for mounting all connectors. The adapters 441029SC, 442029SC and 443029SC have on the top an identification card which facilitates an immediate recognition of connector by the user and also simplifies the system maintenance.

The main innovations introduced are:

  • the CHDMI connector for high quality video connections HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). Thanks to this connector you can connect to the system all multimedia devices with digital HDMI output, the standard that has recently replaced the previous analogue ones (eg. SCART). So projectors and PCs, but also tablets, smartphones, decoders or gaming consoles can easily be connected to last generation monitors and televisions or compatible digital audio devices;
  • the CUSB connector, dedicated to data connections for devices with standard USB (Universal Serial Bus ). Presenting a female USB input you can connect the most of the latest electronic devices. Through the use of this single interface and a single connector, the USB standard allows to communicate with each other various peripheral devices such as PCs and televisions, tablets or mobile phones;
  • the CBNCF connector, an interface that is used for video connection in low-frequency. The typical use of connection BNC (Bayonet Neill Concelman) is in the wiring of video signals as a professional CCTV and decoder. Inside sales package there is also a plastic CAP connector for better and quick connection;
  • the CRCAF connector. This kind of connector is typically used to connect the speakers exploiting a low-frequency audio connection. As well as the CBNCF connector is supplied with (CAP) plastic connector for better and quick connection. For a correct and intuitive distinction of audio channels are also available CRCAF/GI and CRCAF/RS connectors, respectively with dielectric in yellow and red colour. These two devices maintain the same function and the same features of the model with white dielectric (CRCAF), differing from just for the color;
  • the CRJ11T connector, a physical interface intended for the connection of cables used for telephone services or data transmission. The CRJ11T connector (Registered Jack Type 11) has four insulation piercing terminals with rapid wiring;
  • the CRJ45C5E connector, a device designed for LANs connection that use standard RJ45 (Registered Jack Type 45). This connector enables a universal T568A and T568B wiring. The CRJ45C5E interface has eight contacts Category 5 enhanced, isn’t shuttered and has insulation piercing terminals. It’s supplied with accessory for rapid wiring.

Ave has also a wide proposal of accessories for TV systems and dedicated connectors:

  • the aforementioned CAP connector, a plastic accessory for coaxial cables that allows a fast and economical connection;
  • the TVGC connector, a shuttered “F female/F female type” junction connector for cables for frequencies up to 2400MHz. It’s supplied with two plastic CAP connectors;
  • the shuttered TV/SAT movable plugs for frequencies up to 2400 MHz. The TVSPIM plug is a “Male IEC” connector, the TVSPIF plug is a “Female IEC” connector, while the TVSPF plug is a “Male F” connector. All this articles are sold with a CAP connector.

To facilitate the installation of television systems are also available accessories which allows you to make a fast and secure assembly. For the fixing of cables and ducts (with a diameter between 0,5 and 32 mm), it’s present on Ave’s catalogue the TVFST Universal band. The TVPZ pliers are created for CAP fixing operations and can simplify and expedite the CAP inserting and pulling out on “F Female“ connectors.

Ave always offers solutions that combine the functionality of its products with a minimal design perfectly integrated into any furnishing solution. The new connectors are a confirmation of continuous research activity made by the company to meet technical and installation needs ever without sacrificing design.

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