New home automation interface for Mechanical Controlled Ventilation

New home automation interface for Mechanical Controlled Ventilation

The new home automation interface for Mechanical Controlled Ventilation system proposed by Ave is integrated to the Ave home automation in order to ensure the maximum performance, comfort and clean air into the environments.

Oriented towards to a continuous improvement in terms of efficiency, energy saving and comfort, Ave propose the new home automation interface to manage an Mechanical controlled ventilation (MCV) in domestic or external environments, in order to ensure a healthy spaces and to ensure a clean air.

The interface device VMC (art. 441ABRV1) is able to control the Mechanical Controlled Ventilation engines with standard inputs1-10V and 1 or more sensors, if required. It can manage up to a max of 6 sensors (connected to the device code 44ABTA with consecutive addresses to the interface one) of air quality, relative humidity, CO2 for the air quality control.

The Home automation bus allows the start and the disconnection of ventilation system, the execution of a forced ventilation cycle at the maximum speed and the regulation of the three allowed engine speeds:

– “Maintaining Ventilation” and “Comfort” depending on the user presence.
– “Air recirculation”, in case of any sensor detect a low air quality in the environment.

With the optional remote control, the user can:

– Switch on the system sending a message ” On Ventilation” when the home automation interface is on the “MCV Off” mode.
– Recall the “Ventilation Boost” modality, max airspeed for configured time ( from 30 sec. to 60 min.), when the interface MCV is already in the “MCV On” mode.
– Deactivate the MCV system (No Ventilation) sending a message ” Ventilation Off”.

Depending on the presence or absence of the user, the system assume two different modalities:

– Presence of the user, when an integrated “alarm” device (as 44ABTA) sends a message. When there are any alarm sent by the sensors, the system enter in the “Comfort ventilation” mode.
– Absence of the user, when an ” Alarm end” message has been sent or in absence of switching OFF operation, the system enters into the ” Maintaining Ventilation ” mode.

Up to six different environmental sensors can be bound to the device, where their dry-contact outputs have to be connected to the MCV interface.
When one or more sensors act, the Air recirculation mode starts; when all the sensors deactivate their alarm status, the system comes back to the “Maintaining Ventilation” mode.

All the interfaces ( for presence or for sensors) bound to the receiver, are continuously monitored in time slots of 4 minutes. If one of the devices is get disconnected from the home automation bus, the analog output of the MCV interface goes to the value of “User Absence”, activating the “Ventilation Comfort” mode.

The MCV home automation interface for Ave Domina Plus home automation system, gives a solution with high performances for the intelligent air recirculation, improving the efficiency and the environment comfort level.

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