AVE's SMART anti-intrusion system

AVE’s SMART anti-intrusion system

The AF927 range of central units is at the heart of AVE innovation: increasingly integrated and connected to every need.

The AVE anti-intrusion central units AF927PLUSTC (with a 7″ LCD monitor) and AF927PLUS are enriched through integration with AVE DOMINA SMART connected devices.

The interfacing between the systems is native and requires no additional interface in the system.

The central units in the AF927 range can interact and launch SMART scenes. For instance, it’s possible to arm the anti-intrusion system by executing a general OFF scene (lowering shutters and turning off lights). Similarly, a scene can be launched to SMART devices simultaneously with arming the anti-intrusion system. Furthermore, a scene can be executed in the event of an alarm from the anti-intrusion system, allowing, for example, all lights controlled by connected commands to be turned on or flashed.

Additionally, the AF927 central units implement a new SMART function through which they can communicate directly with the new SMART thermostats (e.g., 44xCRTxxx-W aluminium version, 44xCRT-W techno-polymer version); upon arming the anti-intrusion system, it’s therefore possible to launch a scene to set the “energy-saving” temperature to avoid unnecessary energy waste. Similarly, upon disarming the anti-intrusion system, a scene can be launched to set the “comfort” temperature.

The range has been enriched with the new wired keypad (art. AF990), through which it is possible to manage the typical functions of an anti-intrusion system (arming, disarming, partialisation, event log consultation, system information, etc.). The keypad can be installed on 3-module flush-mounting boxes and is equipped with a backlit LCD touch screen with white LEDs.

AVE AF927: the truly integrated anti-intrusion central units.

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