Serie civile Smart 44: l’innovazione connessa di AVE

Smart 44 Series: AVE’s connected innovation

A cutting-edge IoT solution, with ultra-thin design and Wi-Fi Mesh technology, where each device is the potential gateway to the system.

The AVE Smart 44 wiring accessories series is a blend of style and innovation. Designed to meet the needs of modern smart homes and professionals, it offers a comprehensive range of devices characterized by Wi-Fi Mesh technology and the ultra-slim design of Smart 44 front plates; a collection that stands out in aesthetics, made of metal with refined matte, glossy, or brushed finishes, available in traditional, touch, and sliding versions for hidden sockets.

AVE Smart 44 is an innovative IoT solution based on dual wireless technology (Wi-Fi® Mesh Domina Smart IoT & Wi-Fi® standard IEEE 802.11 for connectivity to the home router) to ensure reliability and security. Installation is optimized as devices communicate directly with each other, and each device can act as a system gateway. Configuration is simplified through the use of an application that guides the user step by step. Maintenance is intelligent, as each device can be monitored and updated remotely. Control is immediate thanks to the Wi-Fi direct mode, allowing the system to be activated even without the use of a router or internet connection.

AVE offers a comprehensive range of IoT devices, including 2 and 3-module Multi Touch commands, dimmers, step-relays, and controlled sockets, as well as DIN rail devices such as the IoT economizer and IoT load control relay. A distinctive feature of the Smart 44 commands is the dual control mode: a short press activates the local load, while a long press triggers the execution of a scene. Each device can recall one of the 16 available scenes and can be associated with each of them to create IoT scenarios that can be activated and recalled via the Ave Cloud app. The AVE system doesn’t require additional modules for scenes, as the switch itself performs this function. Smart 44 devices also allow for easy and intuitive monitoring of home energy consumption, and with the IoT economizer, it’s possible to manage loads and even control energy production from solar panels. For intelligent temperature management, the Wi-Fi thermostat T44 is also available, a product that excels in both functionality and aesthetics, designed to provide comfort, ease of use, and smart functionality.

The AVE Smart 44 connected series represents a significant evolution in the field of IoT installations and beyond. It’s indeed optimal for implementing smart functionalities in traditional electrical systems and for complementing professional home automation systems. Additionally, it can be integrated with AVE anti-intrusion central units equipped with a Web Server. It’s a solution in tune with market expectations, increasingly closer to people’s smart needs.

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