L’Italian style di Simone Micheli e AVE conquista l’Iran

Simone Micheli and AVE’s Italian style conquers Iran

The famous architect has chosen AVE as company partner for his conference dedicated to Made in Italy style, that has recorded an amazing success.

The collaboration between AVE and Simone Micheli still continue to the best, not only in Italy but also abroad. On July 26th, it was held in Tehran the conference “ITALIAN STYLE: Quality, Innovation, Trends in Architecture and Interior Design” organized by the internationally renowned architect, who has again chosen AVE as partner company and symbol of Italian style.

The Iranian capital has enthusiastically welcomed the event with an incredible public success. There were more than 400 attendees at the conference, followed by a gala dinner and hosted by the prestigious Espinas Palace Hotel of Tehran. On this occasion, Simone Micheli has been able to highlight all the peculiarities that characterize Made in Italy in architecture and interior design. A value on which AVE has built its own business philosophy, and thanks to it has recently received the “100 Italian Excellence Award”.

Today AVE exports to over 70 countries and shows up to the widest international audience as a reality in continuous development. Recently AVE is growing in the home and hotel automation sector. Today the Company boasts a solid know-how in smart technologies and it’s on the market as a structured innovative reality. As well as simplify and automate the management of environments, DOMINA hotel system designed by AVE are characterized by a focus on energy saving, helping to save money and decrease the ecological impact. An interesting proposal for the future with aesthetically and qualitatively perfect components, designed to meet all hotel’s needs.

DOMINA Hotel is a highly advanced hotel automation system, a product that can be taken as icon of concepts expressed by Simone Micheli during his conference. The close proximity of thought between AVE and the renowned architect – who has been collaborating with the Italian company for years in prestigious projects such as the Barcelò Milan Hotel – has had its natural development at the Tehran’s conference. Iran has so been able to appreciate the quality, innovation and future trends of Italian style, defined in this particular interpretation of Simone Micheli and AVE.

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