Wellness and AVE automation: a wonderful experience

Wellness and AVE automation: a wonderful experience

The AVE hotel management system revolutionizes the idea of wellness through technology, design, comfort and safety functions.

Wellness and spa areas represent an important business card for hotels that want to stand out today. These services require meticulous planning, that must be oriented towards comfort as well as management and safety. In this sense, AVE DOMINA Hotel automation system offers an effective, evolved and reliable answer, which allows you to increase the experience improving the levels of safety, energy saving and management optimization.

The many automation opportunities allow you to manage lighting, sound diffusion, ventilation and temperature control systems in order to recreate the ideal comfort zone for each guest, also remotely. The AVE software is able to recognize the absence of the guest, as well as the presence of open windows, changing the temperature and disconnecting superfluous loads so as to avoid energy waste.

Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA - Creditis: Juergen Eheim

A recent example of the potential of AVE DOMINA Hotel is offered by the prestigious Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA in Matera, where a highly advanced hotel management system has been created with computerized temperature control, rooms’ access control, as well as the entrances and lighting’s control for the wellness area. The system has been configured in networked mode, so as to facilitate the management of different environments remotely. Directly from the reception PC, the staff can easily supervise the entire building, thus improving the quality of the offered service.

Touring Hotel & Spa - Edolo

Thanks to the typical flexibility of AVE automation and the reliability of the contactless MIFARE® technologycard readers can also be used in different environments. In the case of the Touring Hotel & Spa in Edolo, in the province of Brescia, the guest’s card can also be configured for the SPA area entrance, thus allowing the formulation of integrated wellness packages into the enabled cards.

In wellness areas, water is an indispensable element. any hotels have swimming pools, emotional showers; thus the risk of failure to pipes is an eventuality to keep in mind. In this event, DOMINA Hotel automatically acts to protect guests by blocking the water flow and electricity. Even in the presence of a Turkish bath or a sauna, it ensures a high degree of safety, offering the supervision of emergency calls, which can be activated by means of relative push button.

DOMINA Hotel easily adapts to all needs through a highly scalable and conformable system. It is supported by AVE designs, which offer a coordinated aesthetic to the electrical system and make valuable innovations available, such as touch switches, for a service that meets all expectation.

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