Young Touch, style and technology get in the house

Young Touch, style and technology get in the house

In the Italian province of Imperia, a magnificent reference with touch controls coupled with the revolutionary AVE Young Touch front plates.

The innovative AVE Young Touch front plates make “touch technology” a daily reality, affordable and customizable thanks to the 15 available colours’ variants.

In this elegant house of Camporosso, in the Italian province of Imperia, the owners chose the white version. Hidden behind Young Touch front plates, in premium quality moulded, Ave Touch controls return a new informal contact with the switch: it’s enough just a tap on plates’ surface to govern the lighting and the connected devices.

With state-of-the-art technology, AVE combines unprecedented, ultra-thin, young and minimalist design that fits nicely in the environments of this house. Young Touch’s innovative feature is the three-dimensional perception: maintaining the same ultra-thin design, the plate thus gives greater visibility to the light point making it a real integrated furniture element, as in this house.

Young range can also complete the AVE DOMINA’s building and home automation systems. The range is available with touch technology or in the traditional version, that involves the insertion of the components inside the finishing frames. Both variants have a complete series of front plates for 3, 4 and 7 modules of AVE Sistema 44 Wiring Accessories Series. It’s therefore possible to realize mixed systems where Young Touch plates are inserted into the greater visibility points, while emergency lights and other devices can be completed with traditional front plates, creating a full integrated electric system and helping the end user to save even if he chooses design and innovation.

Young Touch front plates present in this home, can thus combine perfectly with the elements of the Domus Touch series to create a technologically advanced and aesthetically perfect environment. With AVE Young Touch, style and technology get in the house.

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