Home automation

DOMINAplus is the range of home automation products from AVE which provide the best solutions for comfort, safety and control. The DOMINAplus home automation system makes it possible for its multiple functions to interact, adapting to all requirements but remaining easy and intuitive to use, practical to install and simple to configure. DOMINAplus improves the quality of life in homes, making the rooms more welcoming and pleasant to inhabit, improving energy savings, control and protection.

Main functions controlled by the system:


ON/OFF switch and control by presence and twilight sensor.


ON/OFF switch and adjustment of the light intensity by standard 1-10V


Monitoring of electricity, water and gas consumption with graphic consumption display.


ON/OFF switch activated on the basis of the real consumption and priorities assigned.


Multi-zone temperature control with energy saving function when windows are open.


Open and close control of the main electrically driven systems.


Supervision and control of the multi-zone MondoT system of TUTONDO and GIOVE FREENET MK3 system of VIVALDI. For further info contact the sales network.


Supervision and control of the AVE intruder alarm system with graphic maps of the alarm areas.


Control of the home automation functions by means of local and remote mobile devices.


Management of control sequences for creating predetermined scenarios for various situations.


Management and control of water and gas leaks and other technical alarms according to need.


In relation to consumption and the priorities set, electrical loads are controlled in order to avoid overloading the mains switch.



Touch screen devices

The new range of touch screens now offers a function to control and record power consumption. By installing the economising device connected to impulse meters it is possible to monitor and record not only consumption of electricity but also of water and gas. You can also possible to display the amount payable –not for fiscal purposes- conveniently in the pages of the touch screen.


The DOMINAplus Touch Screen supervisors enable you to display the streaming video from the Video-Encoder AXIS device to which the traditional analogue television cameras of the CCTV system are connected.


The new range of touch screens offers a function to control and record power consumption. Installing the economising device art. 53AB-ECO connected to impulse meters, it is possible to monitor and record not only consumption of electricity but also of water and gas. You can also possible to display the amount payable–not for fiscal purposes- conveniently in the pages of the touch screen.

The energy saving devices such as the ‘’Economiser’’ and the ‘’Luce Amica’’ enable the DOMINAplus system to control intelligently the electrical loads and lighting:

  • aids energy saving by using the most suitable time slots for certain domestic appliances and avoiding unexpected blackouts due to excessive electricity consumption
  • controls the lighting only when necessary or depending on the presence of persons and the quantity of natural light in the room



The temperature control devices make it possible to measure the room temperature and together with the rest of the domotic system they control the temperature regulation in the single temperature areas, and also control automatic switching off if there are open windows, thus avoiding energy wastage




Integration with the new range of AVE DomusAir products and use of the CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) make it possible to provide continuous double flow air change with heat recovery so that excellent air quality inside the home can be kept constant with extraction of components harmful to personal health and at the same time introducing fresh filtered air.

Avetouch domotic CONTROLS and ACTUATORS

The domotic controls, enable you to control the functions of the system and their aesthetics can be customised with a complete range of symbol labels which can be positioned between the domotic device and the Avetouch panel, in the case of touch panel controls. Alternatively, in the case of standard domotic controls, the labels of the symbols can be applied directly under the transparent cover of the key itself. Together with the technology this offers the DOMINAplus domotic system maximum flexibility in customisation..


An extendable programmable antitheft system with remote control. Perfectly integrated into the system and supervised from the touch screen.


The DOMINAplus Touch Screen Art. TS05 and Art. TS04V use VoIP technology and MOBOTIX stations, integrating the IP video doorphone system into the domotic system.

Da Touch Screen vengono gestite le uscite digitali per l’accensione dell’illuminazione e l’apertura cancello.

ave videocitofonia domotica


BUS system usually means a group of devices connected to one single communication channel. The main function of a BUS is to physically and logically connect the devices and reduce the number of interconnections and the time required to transfer information from one device to another. Each device, known as terminal, station, node or point, can send and receive electric signals sequentially. These signals are information or messages which have been coded through a special protocol (Domina uses the AVEbus proprietary “open” protocol). The message receiver is identified by its address which is an integral part of the message. A special configuration procedure assign to each device its own address. The increasing demand for automatic control and management systems in modern buildings requires, so- phisticated wiring systems that may interfere with the installation of new functions as well as maintenance and updating of already existing ones, that can often be carried out only with very expensive interventions. Installing Domina by AVE means to rely on a system that not only offers automation, comfort and communication functions which are required in a modern house, but also count on an expandable and modular system whose basic functions may be expanded according to the needs of ever demanding customers. This system is of the “distributed intelligence” type meaning that each component has one or more functions and can communicate with the other components through one single cable (bus line).

Using Domina home automation system also means to facilitate installation, improve maintenance and expand the existing systems in a very easy way.