Hotel Management

The Domina Hotel system from AVE adapts easily to all needs in terms of costs and performance. Owners and managers of small hotels can find a simple economical system which adapts well to an environment in which there are no sophisticated requirements. On a larger scale the system can meet increasing needs up to the total network monitoring of rooms and all types of areas even in large hotels.

The Domina Hotel range, which is perfectly integrated and coordinated with the touch panels and switches of the Ave Touch wiring accessories, consists of:

door exterior readers allow access to the guest rooms and other rooms of the hotel at different customisable authorisation levels by means of a card transponder.Of the various door-exterior versions, the Touch Vip System is the first device to be patented with a glass touch panel and transponder reader.

door-interior readers instead allow activation of the services in the room (light, electricity, temperature, air conditioning, etc.) by means of an enabled card;

The room thermostat measures the room temperature and controls the temperature regulations in a way completely customisable by the hotel manager with various possibilities for energy savings;

Room control units which coordinate together the elements of the system and ensure performance of the remote control and automation such as entry into the room with simultaneous opening of the door, switching on lights, temperature regulation, etc. and also allowing distribution logic operation;

central control software which makes it possible to monitor and control from reception and remotely all the functions of all the rooms in the building managed at any time in a simple intuitive way.

Domina Hotel is available in the “on-line” version in which every room can be monitored from the central computer of reception (or remotely via web), making it possible to take action promptly to reduce disruption of services and optimise the control of energy consumption and thus obtain considerable savings.