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Autogemelli Car Dealer – Zanè (VI)

Autogemelli Car Dealer of Zanè, in Vicenza, relies on the automatic fire detection system by AVE to protect its premises.

A steadily evolving company, AVE presents several proposals for the safety of buildings for residential, hotel and commercial use today. AVE’s dedicated strategic division presents hundreds of anti-intrusion solutions and burglar alarm systems, besides several fire protection devices.

For instance, the fire detection station system AC501 with 1 loop was installed at Autogemelli Car Dealer of Zanè. Programmable via USB and fitted with a large LCD display, this station can control up to 240 detection devices and 100 logic zones. It is a technologically advanced device that, with its flexibility, can ensure the utmost protection against the risk of fire in such sales environments.

With AVE and the broad range of dedicated fire-prevention products, the Autogemelli Car Dealer of Zanè has acquired an  automatic fire detection system that is both safe and reliable. The ideal solution to protect your business.