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Hotel and B&B

Boscolo Hotel – Milan

A highly sophisticated facility for a holiday, Hotel Boscolo carries the analysis of perception to a new level by creating spaces for living and observing. Both in the common rooms and in the suites, the leitmotiv is always the same: to amaze guests. The soft lines that slide from the walls almost “naturally” lead to the furnishing elements, restoring movement that invites guests to explore spaces.

The Wiring Accessories Series LIFE 44 by Ave perfectly merges into this setting with its clear absolute black Personal front plates, maintaining both power outlets and control points visible, and becoming part of the project with them.  While the internal and external door readers, and environmental thermostats are details that anchor spaces to the practical comfort of the hotel, every room follows a specific theme and plays with its elements to create a powerful and special personality. The chandeliers inspired by Neofuturist concepts descend from the ceilings to distinguish each suite, while colour exploits furniture to enliven rooms and environments.

The pure elegant design of the clear white Personal front plates in the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS 44 opens every room to the overall design by perfectly merging with chrome finishes, with the bright grain of the marble tiles and through reflecting surfaces. Hotel Boscolo for its sensory and architectural research has chosen Ave to create an exclusive space to stay and be inspired.