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Cortenera Winery, Tenuta Ballast – Gambellara (VI)

The flexibility typical of AVE home automation allows you to exploit its potential even for places other than homes. In this case, it makes its appearance within the Tenuta Ballast, that is renowned for its Cortenera® wines.

A sophisticated home automation system has been created inside this Winery, highlighted by the elegance of its 15″ Touch Screen supervisors. These are advanced devices, here configured to offer practical control panels for the management of various settings dedicated to the wine tanks and the ventilation system. These devices also offer complete supervision of every function implemented in the system such as lights, video intercom, opening and closing of the shutters.

Also Ave Touch technology intervenes to further strengthen the system present in the Tenuta Ballast, here embellished with elegant black glass front plates declined in the Multi-Touch version with six controls.