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Hotel and B&B

Hotel Amalfi – Amalfi (SA)


The Hotel Amalfi is located a historic building in the center of Amalfi, that now lives a second youth thanks to an innovative hotel concept, supported by the AVE solutions.

In this context, AVE card readers offer a modern contact with the hotel room through internal and external room solutions. Declined in the VIP System Touch version customized with the room number and the name of the hotel, the first ones offer an innovative and reliable access system, where you simply need to bring the card close to the reader for door opening. On the other hand, the latter enable room’ services and loads upon insertion of the card, ensuring maximum energy savings when the room is unoccupied.

To further embellish the system built at the Amalfi Hotel we find the white solutions of the Domus 100 wiring accessories series and the Young 44 aesthetics. A further touch of style is offered by the Young Touch versions, where the Ave Touch controls are embellished with elegant front plates.

AVE hotel automation and touch technology are the protagonist of the Hotel Amalfi to restore a modern contact with the rooms in an original combination of style and technology.