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Hotel and B&B

Hotel Nettuno – Jesolo (VE)

With the Wiring Accessories Series Allumia 44, Hotel Nettuno in Jesolo offers its guests precious solutions that further enhance this venue by the sea.

Hotel Nettuno, which counts more than 100 rooms, including both rooms and aparthotels, combines the range Allumia 44 with Moulded 44 front plates that, developed in the colour variant natural aluminium with chrome frame, perfectly merges into every space, with the exclusive Allumia Touch front plates in brushed natural aluminium that, through the convenient touch controls, enhance the facility with a modern touch.

Following the same linear and pure design, AVE card readers offer a safe and reliable access system to the rooms and their services, electronic thermostats ensure the guest has total control of room temperature, and recessed universal USB chargers allow to rapidly charge electronic devices.

Hotel Nettuno also has the ultimate automation supervisor TS01. An elegant 4.3” touch screen display that can further expand the services offered to the guests. By merely touching an icon, the user can control lights, temperature and every device connected to the home automation system.

With AVE, elegance, comfort and technology are at the service of the hotel for a holiday that meets the highest expectations.