Front plates for switches

Elegant frames for switches and sockets

AVE offers a wide range of front plates for switches and sockets to best complete your projects. Each collection is designed to get the best in terms of design and quality. In addition, thanks to the universal support S44, AVE guarantees full compatibility of all its solutions with each wiring accessories series. Maximum flexibility to make your system stand out.

Vera 44 front plates

In Italian language “Vera” means true, like what you love most. It exhibits an extremely refined design and therefore it’s suitable for different styles. The wide availability of materials offers variants in glass, aluminium, solid wood and Corian®. Thanks to the profile of the inner frame, Vera 44 ensures a unique aesthetic in combination with the system’s sockets and functions.

Zama 44 front plates

Zama 44 has a metallic soul. This line of front plates allows you to emphasize switches. The linearity of its shapes intersects in a mixture of past and present. Available in a wide range of colours, from natural aluminium to matt silver, these front plates represent the right compromise between modernity and tradition.

Aesthetics and quality, the quintessence of design

Personal 44 front plates

Personal 44 offers a customized answer to your needs. Pastel colours and soft shapes surround switches and sockets emphasizing your personality. Made of the highest quality plastic material, Personal 44 is the first line of plates that can be customized by the end customer directly from home, using a special online software.

Young 44 front plates

Innovation is absolute with Young 44: a line of front plates for switches and sockets designed to offer an affordable design. The techno-polymer is moulded into an unprecedented ultra-thin concept, that is characterized by three-dimensional effects. All supported by a wide range of variants, both full color and with 3D color treatment.

Sophisticated elegance, simplicity of style

Moulded 44 front plates

A free spirit, without compromise. High-quality plastic materials combine with rounded shapes to create unique front plates for switches. The Moulded 44 range offers numerous colours in its catalogue allowing to match it with any type of furniture and giving a simple and distinctive touch.

Interruttore AVE Placca Tecnopolimero 44

New Style 44 front plates

This collection is dedicated to those who want to stand out with a completely new style, out of time. New Style 44 is the incredible range of front plates for toggle switches and shuko sockets that revolutionizes the electrical system through minimalist and extremely recognizable designs in glass, aluminium and Corian®, with a modern and essential accent.

England Style 44 front plates

The personality that embodies this series rediscovers in the past an invaluable treasure. England Style 44 is characterized by the natural quality of walnut wood, that combines with noble details in true brass. A timeless collection, ideal to be combined with the relative toggle switches in order to emphasize retro furnishings and classic buildings.

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