Touch switches

Today the light comes on with a touch

Touch technology becomes daily with AVE. Available in traditional or home automation versions, the touch switches redefine the concept of control itself, allowing you to manage lighting and home with a simple touch. Aesthetics is the added value of these collections, all the same in the reliability of their technological core.

Vera Touch – Glass

Vera Touch is the innovative range of sensitive glass front plates for touch switches. From the back of the linear and ultra-thin plates, delicate blue LEDs shine through, indicating the exact point to touch in order to activate the command. Available in various colours, Vera Touch becomes a must to stand out, a high-profile choice for any kind of building and home.

Interruttori in alluminio Allumia touch

Allumia Touch – Aluminium

Dedicated to those who appreciate material elegance, Allumia Touch revolutionizes the interior design concept, conveying the touch switches behind the solidity of natural or anthracite brushed aluminium. A horizontal black stripe reveals a soft led light, which makes the controls recognizable immediately, defining an ultra-modern design with a great appeal.

Light up your senses.
Touch an emotion

Young Touch – Moulded

Young Touch is a young-looking line with an ultra-thin design that transforms electical system into integrated furnishing element. The world is colourful with Young Touch: many versions are available, both with 3D and full colour effects, which further reinforce this series in moulded techno-polymer. An innovative touch that introduce you to the best of AVE design and technology.

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