FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a resistive load?

Resistive load is a ohmic load such as a resistence, a 230V incandescent or halogen lamp.

What is an inductive load?

Resistive load is a ohmic load such as a resistence, a 230V incandescent or halogen lamp.

Can pets be detected by the burglar alarm control system infrared detector?

Yes, because the detector recognizes any warm body passage, so it is necessary not to leave pets inside the rooms when the system is on.

In order to light BANQUISE front plates, is it necessary to put a LED?

The possibility to light up the front plates is necessary to locate them in the dark. In some cases, it can be enough the light emitted by the photoluminescent lens, included in the front plates.

Can NOIR devices be mounted on BANQUISE front plates?

YES. This is possibile because the NOIR series and the BANQUISE series are parts of System 45. They have the same module dimensions (25x45mm) and the same clipping system. 
They both can be installed on the universal frame 45B63 and can be completed with all the front plates of System 45. 

What is a multifunctional box?

A box that has always had the function to be a junction box, can be defined as multifunctional when it can have several other important functions. 
AVE multifunctional boxes can be used for the following installations: 

- IP40 flush-mounted consumer unit for houses 
- IP55 weatherproof flush-mounted consumer unit 
- IP55 weatherproof flush-mounted emergency red consumer unit 
- IP40 junction box 
- IP55 weatherproof junction box 
- From 10 to 20 modules box for wiring accessories 

Why AVE junction boxes are supplied with a mortar-proof cardboard?

The mortar-proof cardboard has been created by AVE Engineers which have daily contacts with installers in the building yards. The idea was born when AVE Engineers saw that the boxes were filled with papers in order to prevent the mortar from entering into the box. AVE cardboard is mortar-proof, unbreakable and easily absorbs humidity. This allows a better identification when the work is done and makes the installation more professional and clear.