Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA chooses AVE design and building automation

Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA chooses AVE design and building automation

Recently inaugurated, the new Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA integrates the most modern AVE solutions dedicated to advanced hotel management, that have been selected by design team for their aesthetic, technological and high-quality innovations – required by a 5-star hotel.

The new Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA chooses AVE design and the building automation to offer an exclusive hospitality concept in the fascinating landscape Sasso Caveoso of Matera. Once here there was a complex system of buildings, roads, caves and cisterns, that were abandoned to the march of time. Now this place has turned into a undoubted beautiful location, where you can be pampered by every kind of comfort, also thanks to AVE aesthetics and technologies. The architect Cosimo dell’Acqua took care of the general and executive project of the architectural recovery and distribution of the village; while the interior design and lighting design projects have been entrusted to the internationally renowned architect Simone Micheli. The result is a charming masterpiece that chooses AVE building automation to give a new meaning to the hospitality of this place.

In the Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA, there is an advanced hotel management system with computerized temperature control, rooms’ access control, as well as the entrances and lighting’s control for the wellness area. The building automation system AVE DOMINA Hotel has been configured in networked mode, so as to facilitate the management of different environments remotely. Directly from the reception PC, the staff can easily supervise the entire building, thus improving the quality of the offered service.

Each room and suite of the Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel is equipped with two different AVE card readers (external and internal ones), both developed to offer the best. In fact, the MIFARE® technology integrated by these devices allows the generation of cards with a higher level of security with reading performance at the highest levels. To open the door, the guest must only bring the card closer to the reader, while occupation status and “do not disturb” function – that can be activated by a button placed inside the hotel room – are conveniently displayed on the external reader through dedicated LEDs. The loads’ activation and room services are enabled only in the presence of an authorized card, that must be inserted into the internal reader. In this way, the structure can benefit from a greater energy saving and a better degree of safety, preventing the occurrence of short circuits when the room is unoccupied. Thanks to the flexibility of AVE building automation and the reliability of MIFARE® technology, card readers can also be used in different environments from the simple room. In the Aquatio Cave the guest’s card can also be configured for the SPA area entrance, thus allowing the formulation of integrated wellness packages into the enabled cards.

Even the innovative AVE touch technology enters the Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA. For external readers we opted for the innovative Vip System Touch, refined devices with glass touch front plate and transponder reader which represent prestigious technological elements, underlining the tension of the whole project towards linearity and minimalism. The chosen colour is white, which gives essentiality and guides the look between the spaces of Aquatio and the breath-taking views of the surrounding Sasso Caveoso. White as the visible elements of the electrical system. The thermostats, the internal readers, the switches and the sockets are signed Domus 100, the white AVE wiring accessories series that is designed to fit perfectly in any environment with naturalness and style. Frames of these elements are the innovative Young front plates; here declined in white “3D COLOR“, a revolutionary treatment able to define a new sense of depth and greater visibility to the light point, while maintaining the thickness of the plate, which it remains ultra-thin, perfectly adherent to the walls and the overall design.

Thirty-five rooms and suites in the “Sassi” hollowed in the tuff, a restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and outdoor patio, a lobby bar & lounge, a meeting hall and a 500 sqm SPA with hollowed in the tuff indoor pool. These are the dimensions of the new Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA, for a total surface of 5000 square meters. «Aquatio is a real work of art to live and experience. A space that goes beyond the traditional conception of time, giving life to an inseparable unicum of past, present and future». So Simone Micheli defines the materialization of the second life of this precious architectural jewel: a widespread hotel, equipped with every comfort, projected towards the future thanks to AVE design and building automation technology.

A 5-star dream is born in Matera.

Credits photos: Juergen Eheim

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