AVE home automation for system integration

AVE home automation for system integration

Thanks to the opening to standard protocols, also System Integrators can use the main DOMINAplus devices.

DOMINAplus is an open system that can be perfectly integrated – without any system’s modification – with the best technologies and devices of other companies. Installers and system integrators can complete complex projects, develop innovative solutions, adding value to the system thanks to the design, scalability and all the functions of the AVE home automation.

AVE DOMINAplus supervision devices become Modbus gateways. Without modifications, but with a simple update of Web Server device (code 53AB-WBS) is possible to integrate and manage the proprietary AVE home automation to Modbus-based systems, one of the most common serial communication protocols in the world among industrial electronic devices. The opening to Modbus protocol, that is an international standard, potentially opens the door to infinite integration possibilities for DOMINAplus devices.

AVE home automation devices can be managed by hierarchically more articulated systems, such as those adopted by large companies, shopping centers or hotel chains, to build heterogeneous systems. The new functional structures will be able to synergistically utilize the potential of the native system to create new features that can meet even the most complex needs. DOMINAplus is able to handle many functions, from managing and adjusting lighting (through dimmer) to air conditioning, rolling shutter control, technical alarms and much more. Today, thanks to this openness to standard protocols, DOMINAplus also becomes the expansion of programmable logic systems (PLCs) or SCADA supervisor devices used by System Integrators.

Using the same communication protocol with Modbus standard, AVE home automation expands the already wide range of functions, enabling also the management of the air conditioning systems of the major international brands. In fact, DOMINAplus supervisor devices include, within their software application, the configurable gateway for air conditioning systems. This allows for each temperature zone: temperature control, On/Off status and Season (Summer/Winter) management.

In addition, AVE home automation opens to the CRESTRON® world. Thanks to the 53BSA232 communication interface, which acts as serial gateway AVEbus-RS232, the CRESTRON® Supervision System can dialog with the DOMINAplus home automation devices. The integration of these systems allows the creation of advanced systems of home automation, air conditioning, multimedia and sound diffusion.

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