AVE presents its KNX range: hi-tech design for home and hotel

KNX technology is enhanced by the unique aesthetics of AVE System 44 and through smart solutions, that are designed to express the best.

AVE offers a complete home automation range with both the AVEbus proprietary protocol and the KNX protocol, a globally recognized standard for the automated and decentralized management of home & building automation systems for residential and commercial use, which is also aesthetically coordinated with the AVE wiring accessories series. In fact, AVE combines cutting-edge technology with excellent design: a great strength of the entire Company production.

In particular, the control devices of the AVE KNX range make all the aesthetics of System 44 available, offering three different control forms: touch, traditional and with toggles (the latter is a product news of this year). All that is supported by the KNX architecture and its flexibility: the wide list of configurable parameters allows the installer to satisfy any system requirement for the control of all possible applications and integrated functions inside buildings and homes: lighting, shutters, alarms, ventilation and air conditioning, energy optimization, scenarios, etc. The KNX control devices with seesaw buttons or toggle switches also introduce the revolutionary multi-action function, which allows you to recall multiple actions at the same time, as if it were a native scenario in the button. Furthermore, each device boasts the presence of configurable multi-colour LEDs that allow you to better signal each event such as, for example: status of loaded commands, presence of alarms, events that have affected the burglar alarm system or simply repeat the calls.

Within its KNX range, AVE has also recently brought to the market a unique device of its kind, ideal for both the home and the hotel: the Room Controller. It’s a high-design solution, with a 1.6″ colour OLED display and touch controls, which combines in a single device both the functions of the two-zone chrono-thermostat and humidistat, as well as the control functions that are typically needed for the interior of a room: lights, automation of shutters, scenarios, sound system and technological alarms. Thanks to an integrated humidity and temperature probe, it allows total control of the thermal zone in which it’s inserted, as well as – by means of an external probe – the supervision of a second thermal zone with temperature management. It is designed to offer different interactions with the room sound system and manage up to 6+6 Windows, 4+4 Scenarios and 6+6 Lights. To maximize energy savings, it’s equipped with 3 configurable auxiliary analogical inputs for the connection of presence sensors, additional temperature probes, open window sensor and room status via a badge holder pocket. The use is extremely intuitive: a proximity sensor allows the “smart awakening” of the device; after which, using the touch controls and the navigation menus, you can easily interact with the different room functions.

Available both with brushed aluminium front plate (with natural or anthracite colour) and with glass one (in white or absolute black), the Room Controller is a high-tech jewel for the supervision and control of room functions, as well as a precious added value for the AVE KNX range which, in addition to the control devices, also boasts the presence of the main system modules, also designed to express the best: multifunction, scenarios, alarm and programmable logic control.

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