AVE Smart 44 front plates: design and technology meet in the perfect shape

AVE Smart 44 front plates: design and technology meet in the perfect shape

AVE presents the ultra-thin front plates, that are available in traditional, touch and sliding versions (for hidden sockets).

Made in Italy design and technology are always been the main features of AVE innovation. Today this extraordinary combination is reconfirmed with Smart 44 front plates, a revolutionary collection that stands out for aesthetics and its ultra-thin thickness of only 2.5mm.

Made of metal with refined finishes, with a clear or frosted brushed effect, the Smart 44 front plates make design their strong point. They also boast a highly competitive price. So they satisfy the needs of a market that is increasingly focused to the aesthetic connotation. The range is proposed in three versions:

  • Smart 44 traditional front plates are equipped with a window for inserting the S44 elements, without a finishing frame and with a new coupling system; they guarantee a protrusion of the controls of just 5mm from the wall;
  • Smart 44 Touch plates are characterized by a design band that recognizes touches or swipes. It’s created thanks to the innovative IML (In Mold Labeling), which ensures greater wear resistance of the painting or serigraphy; another great feature of this process is the possibility of decorating the items directly during molding. The band lights up according to the positioning of the touch controls, so as to make the controls immediately recognizable even in the dark;
  • Smart 44 sliding plates have the same design of the touch versions with a band characterized by an original tech texture, that here shows the symbol of the plug in the center and it’s combined with a patented system, that allows the plate to slide on the socket when it isn’t in use, guaranteeing greater safety and protection, as well as offering an increasingly sophisticated design. This solution is further supported by indication arrows that light up according to the position.

Compatible with the elements of the S44 wiring accessories series, the AVE Smart 44 range is already complete with three variants for the traditional front plates (3, 4 and 7 modules) and in two variants for the touch plates (3 and 4 modules). The range will be further expanded over the next few months. Today there are 6 colors for the front plates (Domus white, dove-grey, ivory, Tekla grey, brushed steel and anthracite grey).

This collection offers professionals products in line with market expectations, but also quality and solutions that facilitate their daily work. Characterized by an innovative technical texture in black color, the new Smart 44 frame offers a coupling dedicated to the range of Smart 44 plates with a thickness of only 1.8mm. Thanks to the use of two different material compounds, it’s resistant and elastic, and ensures maximum hold of the elements, minimizing the protrusion from the wall for a stylish final effect.

AVE Smart 44 is an original collection with a highly competitive price, which – especially in relation to the touch versions – allows you to contain costs and create systems in line with the evolution of living. A modern and innovative proposal, where design and technology meet in the perfect shape.

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