AVE System 44: black and white for every style

AVE System 44: black and white for every style

Black and white for every style: with AVE you can propose all S44 aesthetics with the advantage of an equal price for the most requested wiring accessories series.

Innovation for AVE means technology, aesthetics and exaltation of lifestyles. Precisely for this reason, the new matt black wiring accessories series TEKLA 44 and the highly sought-after white series DOMUS 100 have been developed to make accessible design offering innovative and high-quality solutions. In fact, all AVE S44 front plates – from the basic plastic versions to those in glass and wood – are compatible with both the white and the matt black series. In this way it’s very easy to find the perfect combination to satisfy the aesthetic and budget’s needs of each end customer.

Thanks to the universal S44 support, when wiring accessories are already walled, you can choose and install different types of front plates in order to satisfy the frequent last-minute requests of end users. This means more flexibility during building phase, but also more freedom for architects and designers, who can offer all the S44 aesthetics and AVE technologies in combination with the TEKLA 44 and DOMUS 100 series:

  • Retro designs: the past is in fashion. AVE retrieves toggle controls’ system making it topical again through front plates in aluminium, glass, Corian® (New Style 44) and wood (England Style 44). The missing touch to give a new meaning to interior design.
  • Ave Touch, the light in a tap. AVE makes touch technology a daily reality offering different design solutions. TEKLA 44 and DOMUS 100 are the ideal system to complete electrical system with touch front plates in glass (Vera Touch), aluminium (Allumia Touch), and in moulded (Young Touch).
  • Traditional front plates, a stylish choice. To complete a traditional electrical system you can choose through front plates in metal (Zama 44, available also in paintable variant), in glass, wood and aluminium (Vera 44), in moulded (Young 44, Moulded 44) and with customizable front plates (Personal 44).

Two colours to make home automation unique. The TEKLA 44 and DOMUS 100 wiring accessories series perfectly match the KNX and AVEbus proprietary technologies, allowing the creation of advanced systems, in line with living evolution. Both are also prepared to complete new AVE IoT ready home automation, an innovative hi-tech proposal that makes homes even smarter, where DOMINA plus home automation can also be managed with voice commands through the most popular Voice Assistants.

With AVE the advantages never end. TEKLA 44 and DOMUS 100 are offered at the same price, so as to leave the maximum freedom of choice. These series are designed to offer high cost scalability without sacrificing quality. Both boast innovative plastic materials: the moulded of their elements fits discreetly into any environment thanks to the exclusive elegance of their tones. Installers, as well as end users, can save money by relying on two complete series, which make it possible to satisfy every need of traditional and home automation systems.

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