Ave Touch gets IMQ quality mark

Ave Touch gets IMQ quality mark

The innovative Series has obtained the release of the prestigious certification that confirms its reliability and safety.

In line with the contemporary trend that has made familiar the “touch” technology in everyday life, Ave S.p.a. was the first company to apply it to the electricity sector. Through Ave Touch it has managed to bring this technology into homes offering a complete range of devices that are able to innovate houses as well as from a functional and aesthetic point of view and also in the security field.

Ave Touch controls have in fact recently obtained the release of the prestigious IMQ quality mark (Italian most important certification body) which shows the high degree of reliability achieved by these devices. In full compliance with regulations, the IMQ certification is an added value, a confirmation of Ave’s efforts to bring into the market a line of products that excels in terms of quality and safety.

In order to give emphasis to these items, the rear of “touch” electronic devices with IMQ mark is blue so you can immediately recognize them in the wide offer.

Ave Touch solutions are a real revolution in the electricity sector, where respect to the highest security standards coincides with the minimalist design of cover plates, that are available in various combinations of colors, finishes and materials (aluminum and glass) to meet the different installation requirements and design solutions.

IMQ certification is a proof of Ave Touch reliability and an evidence of the Ave’s will to bring in homes nonpareil safe devices.

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