Axial fans MODEL 90: AVE DomusAir range is still growing

Axial fans MODEL 90: AVE DomusAir range is still growing

With a diameter of only 90mm and thanks to the perfect aesthetic coordination with Domus Touch wiring accessories series, the new axial fans fit nicely in any environment ensuring high performance and acoustic comfort at an affordable cost.

Designed to provide a perfect air exchange in small and medium environments, the range of AVE DomusAir axial fans is still growing through new models with 90mm diameter. Thanks to their small diameter and unique design, these devices are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, ensuring high technological performance and maximum acoustic comfort at an affordable price.

New Axial fans MODEL 90 can be installed trough wall, ceiling or window mounting inside ducts with less than 100mm inner diameter. They are the ideal solution in case of renovation to replace old fans and if the duct has not-standard internal dimensions. In the presence of an already walled pipe – perhaps not specific for ventilation – 90mm axial fans can become an adequate answer to the installation needs.

Reliable and extremely functional, the MODEL 90 axial fans offer excellent performance in terms of acoustic comfort and energy consumption. These devices are designed to eject the spoiled air directly outside or through short linear ducts (up to 1.5m in length) and can be equipped with a long life ball bearing motor, which also allows continuous product’s use (up to 30,000 hours) ensuring efficient and silent working over time, or with a standard self-lubricating bushings motor.

AVE MODEL 90 Axial fans also exhibit technical features that make them extremely resistant and durable. Made of high-quality recyclable plastic material, the new Ø90mm axial fans offer high resistance to impact and UV rays, which ensures an extremely high durability over time.

Like all Axial aspirators of the DomusAir range, 90mm diameters show off a perfect aesthetic coordination (same lines, same plastic material and same white color RAL9010) with Domus Touch, the AVE wiring accessories series designed to facilitate installers’ work and fit into any environment. Workers can choose from different proposals: Ø90mm axial fans are available in ELICAL and ELICAL TOP lines with standard front cover (code VNS…), AXIAL with minimalist aesthetic design (code VND…) and GRID with internal automatic shutters (code VNA …), in basic version or with built-in timer for delayed shutdown.

New MODEL 90 axial fans are able to meet aesthetic requirements of clients and meet the most diverse installation needs, always in full compliance with the regulations of air quality control for people’s health protection, building preservation and energy consumption optimization

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