Domus 100: the white series created to inspire you

Domus 100: the white series created to inspire you

Domus 100 is the AVE series aimed to increase design freedom and flexibility during building phase, with a lot of aesthetics and technologies for any kind of environment.

AVE Domus 100 wiring accessories series comes in a highly innovative form from the viewpoint of technology and design. Boasting a simple and minimalist, contemporary and elegant design, it fits perfectly into any space with naturalness and style, thanks to the balanced harmony of its white tone (RAL 9010). The smooth buttons always remain clean and essential, perfectly coordinated with all the AVE S44 collections to enhance the style of the system and spaces.

This Series was designed to be beautiful, but also functional. The Domus 100 elements are high-quality products, made with refined materials and characterized by great precision in the moulding of plastics. Every detail has been designed to minimize installation time and costs, as well as tested for thousands of movements.

The installer can trust on a complete series, which allows to satisfy the requirements of maximum reliabilitypracticality and speed of installation. All devices have minimal depth to leave more space for wiring; the extra strong terminals make wiring simple; the standard controls have a special key, which can be illuminated, and interchangeable keys, that offer a wide range of symbols and different types of illumination.

Domus 100 was created to inspire new design solutions

The white colour that distinguishes this series dresses the electrical system with an innovative aesthetic imprint, entering into any kind of environment and furnishing context. Thanks to the universal S44 support, all AVE S44 front plates – from plastic version to top front plates in glass and wood – are compatible with Domus 100. This means more flexibility during building phase, to satisfy the frequent last-minute requests of end customers, but also more design freedom for architects and designers, who can offer all the materials, the S44 aesthetics and AVE technologies in combination with Domus 100 series.

Only one series, everybody finds his style

Domus 100 is perfectly coordinated with the new AVE retro range, that boasts exclusive collections in walnut wood, aluminium, glass and Corian to make toggles topical again. Domus 100 is the ideal solution also to complete the Ave Touch system, where touch technology is declined through refined glass, aluminium and moulded front plates. To complete the system, it is possible to choose between traditional front plates in metal (Zama 44), in glass, wood and aluminium (Vera 44), in moulded (Young 44, Moulded 44) and with customizable front plates (Personal 44). For hi-tech lovers, Domus 100 is also available with KNX technology and proprietary home automation AVEbus one.

With Domus 100 it is very easy to find the perfect combination to meet the system requirements, aesthetic and budget needs for each customer. The original blend of technology and design, which has always distinguished all AVE production, contributes to give the rooms an innovative character both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Choosing Domus 100 means choose professional products that are exclusively reserved to professionals of electrical sector. Domus 100 is the result of a highest know-how in this field, a concrete experience matured alongside architects, technicians and installers in order to offer maximum flexibility, combining it with materials, technologies and advanced solutions.

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