Flush mounted boxes RIVOBOX, AVE’s revolution for brickwork and hollow walls

Flush mounted boxes RIVOBOX, AVE’s revolution for brickwork and hollow walls

AVE patented the first flush mounted boxes from 3 or 4 modules which offer the possibility to install supports and wiring accessories from 3 or 4 modules of all major Wiring Accessories Series avoiding rifts in the wall.

The future of electrical systems has AVE’s signature. Italian leader company in this field for over a century, AVE has patented RIVOBOX, the first flush mounted boxes that allow you to insert either 3 modules and 4 modules for all major Wiring Accessories Series.

A small, great revolution if you consider the scope that will have this product. The patented box by AVE (registered patent n° 239), allows installer to fit a single box for each type of electrical system, but also allows a greater flexibility in the design phase.

Available both for brickwork walls (art. 253X4) and hollow walls (art. 253X4CG), new RIVOBOX 3X4 has innovative technical features. Similar to traditional rectangular flush mounted boxes from 3 modules, the product developed by AVE has inside a little metallic wing designed to increase the screws fixing centres from 83.5 mm to 108.5 mm and accommodate in this way even the armour of 4 modules for Wiring Accessories Series.

AVE’s patented revolution is this wing. After removing the plastic mortar-proof cap placed on the metallic grommet, it’s possible to bend the little wing towards the inside and thus obtain the standard screw fixing centres for mounting an armour from 4 modules. In two easy steps installer can retrieve sufficient space for the insertion of 4 wiring accessories without unnecessary masonry work. RIVOBOX allows you to reduce time and therefore installation’s cost increasing the flexibility in construction site.

Architects and design studios can benefit from a flexible and innovative system that allows them to edit project during construction due to the expandability of the product already walled. In this way they can adapt to the requirements of clients and the same customer will not spend money for structural changes.

Choose the new AVE flush mounted boxes 3X4 means choosing a simplified order and storage management. Both the wholesaler as the installer, having to manage a single code instead of two, they can also save space into storage rooms, without worrying about the need to plan orders in accordance with the available space.

RIVOBOX is going to revolutionize the electricity market and in particular those of hollow walls. The hollow walls version exhibits unique features that makes it innovative for many other aspects:

  • The lateral plastic wings for fixing to the wall give the possibility to apply the box from both sides of the sheet, halving in this way the timing of application. These wings are equipped with honeycomb holes that ensure greater fastening tightness to partition wall eliminating the need of glues, plaster and polyurethane foams.
  • The RIVOBOX for hollow walls enables the insertion of corrugated duct block accessory (art. 25BTCG). The corrugated duct block accessory offers the possibility of setting both tubes with 20 mm diameter and those with 25 mm diameter; with a single accessory installer can fix the two most used sections of corrugated duct. This accessory also allows to trim the duct flush to the internal edge of the box in order to increase operating space for the insertion of cables.
  • Designers have at their disposal a box with IP4X degree of protection on the bottom that, in addition to fully comply with the parameters established by the IEC 64-8 for special environments, allows them to maintain or increase the structure insulation for energy savings.

RIVOBOX has already received the prestigious IMQ certification that demonstrates the company’s commitment to provide innovative reliable and quality products. The new AVE patented flush mounted box is the result of a sturdy know-how in the electric field, gained alongside architects, technicians and installers; it’s a product designed to simplify and facilitate the work of each partner: from the wholesaler to the end user. A small “Made in Italy” revolution, which represents the future of this industry.

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