Fuorisalone: huge success for AVE design and technology

Fuorisalone: huge success for AVE design and technology

Included in the exhibitions created by the famous arch. Simone Micheli, the AVE solutions dedicated to hotel were widely appreciated during Milan Design Week 2022.

A far-sighted vision of the hotel, a synergistic and all-encompassing experience. Hotel Regeneration – Hybrid Restaurant, the exhibition event created by Simone Micheli for the Fuorisalone was a huge success and with it also the AVE design and technology, protagonists of the environments designed by the architect.

During its seventh edition Hotel Regeneration – the most engaging exhibition for the contract at the Fuorisalone – has welcomed Hybrid Restaurant, a fluid container of events and performances where Simone Micheli has staged a new way of conceiving places of conviviality, a fluid Temporary Restaurant to find a connection between food and design.

In this context, the AVE solutions have revealed the modern possibilities offered by technology for the control of the various functions inserted within the hotel. In fact, the innovative AVE switches summarize a completely new way of interfacing with the hotel and its functions: a tap is enough to control the automations, manage the lights and adapt the environment to the guest’s needs. On the other hand, the hotelier has at his disposal an advanced supervision system, that limit waste to maximize energy savings. All that is enclosed in a highly aesthetic appearance, which emphasizes technology and enhances its functionality.

Thanks also to AVE innovation, Hotel Regeneration – Hybrid Restaurant was an exhibition of great charm and interest. An engaging and elegant setting to reveal the new horizons of hospitality to the public of Milan Design Week. Another great success for AVE and the fruitful collaboration with Simone Micheli, at the Fuorisalone as well as in projects of great prestige.

The photographs on this page were made by Juergen Eheim.

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